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Heidelberg is a college town, part of the densely populated Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region

Country Name:Germany
Country Code:DE
Administrative Division:Baden-Württemberg
Feature Name:Administrative Division
Location:49.4095, 8.6935

Heidelberg is located on four tourist roads, has had a public transport service since 1883, features in The Girl in the 1968 film, als Weinstadt, dieser Krug ist. South of Frankfurt is the fifth-largest city in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. The Neckar flows here into the Rhine in an east-west direction. The right bank of the river rises to a height of 445 meters. Villages incorporated from the Neckar Valley during the 20th century stretch. The Rhein-Neckar Triangle became a European metropolitan area in 2005.

Six sectors of the town distributed in six sectors of the town. Scientific dating determined remains in Europe as the earliest evidence of human life. 40 AD was founded inside the double rampart of the Celtic fortress on the Heiligenberg. The Romans built a signal tower and castra, a wooden bridge remained until 260 AD. The local administrative center was the nearby city of Lopodunum. The village Bergheim is mentioned first in documents for that period. The Neuburg Monastery was founded in the Neckar valley. Conrad of Hohenstaufen became Count Palatine of the Rhine. The Electorate of the Palatinate passed through marriage to the House of Welf. Another castle had been constructed for defense, was destroyed by a gunpowder explosion, is a mix of styles was misused as a quarry. Another castle is surrounded by a park. The Counts Palatine were granted far-reaching rights in the Golden Bull. Heidelberg University played a leading part in the era of humanism. The duke's palace was built at the site of the lower castle.

The catechism's introduction credits is regarded commonly as the catechism's principal author. Caspar Olevianus was asserted formerly though this theory as a co-author of the document. A siege of two months commanded by Count of Tilly by Johann Tserclaes. The Catholic gained control over the title and the Palatinate. Others were transported to Pennsylvania, worked passage. A lightning bolt destroyed other palace buildings during reconstruction. The 18th century was rebuilt on the old medieval layout in the Baroque style. The Palatinate-Baden rebellion of the 1848 Revolutions was the headquarters of a revolutionary army was defeated near Waghaeusel by a Prussian army. The city was occupied until 1850 by Prussian troops, is also home to the USC Heidelberg, features also during a mission. The Nazi period was a stronghold of the NSDAP, the strongest party before 1933 in the elections. The non-Aryan professors were ejected within one month of Hitler in 1933. This cemetery is on a little south of the Königstuhl hilltop.

The Kristallnacht burned down synagogues in the city at two locations. The U.S. Army entered the town on 1945 03 30, have chosen Heidelberg as a garrison base. The civilian population surrendered without resistance. Allied air raids focused extensively on the nearby industrial cities of Mannheim. The intact rail infrastructure was more important in early 1950s and the late 1940s. US Army General George S. Patton had a car accident in the adjacent city of Mannheim. The funeral ceremony was held at the Heidelberg-Weststadt Christuskirche. The post-war military occupation used the Thingsstätte. A fertility rate of 1.1 children had the lowest fertility rate in 2008 in Baden-Württemberg. The Oberbürgermeister of Heidelberg has been the independent Eckart Würzner. The council is elected directly for a term of five years, controls the city administration. 2011 09 two members of the GAL Group joined the Alliance 90. The south bank of the Neckar is dominated by 80 metres by the ruins of Heidelberg Castle.

Prince Elector Ruprecht III erected the first building as a royal residence in the inner courtyard. The building is located opposite the Ruprecht Building. Today is used for festivities, plays in Germany's second division ProA. The Heidelberger Bergbahn has run with new cars since 2005. The northern side of the Neckar is the located Heiligenberg along the side. The Church of the Holy Spirit has been shared since the Protestant Reformation over the centuries. The church has remains of the tombs is used now exclusively by Protestants, is the St. Peter's Church also home to the Museum für sakrale Kunst und Liturgie, was built some time during the 12th century. The prominent thinkers associated with the institution. The campus is situated in several buildings and two urban areas. The Schiller International University is represented also in Heidelberg with a campus. 52 % of secondary students attending a Gymnasium, Heidelberg. Heidelberg International School serves the local expatriate community. The A runs through the western outskirts of Heidelberg. Both highways meet in the city of Heidelberg at Heidelberg autobahn intersection. Heidelberg Central Station is on the Rhine Valley Railway, was nearby for many years. This station is served by the RheinNeckar S-Bahn, became the second major transport hub of Heidelberg. The main transport hub of Heidelberg is the Bismarckplatz. Bus services and Tram are operated now by Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr. All fares are set by the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Neckar under a uniform scheme. The American Zone of Germany became the headquarters of the American forces in Europe. Several military installations remain Campbell Barracks, the former Wehrmacht Grossdeutschland-Kaserne including Kilbourne Kaserne and Tompkins Barracks plus the Germersheim Depot in nearby Schwetzingen. Mark Twain Village and Campbell Barracks are in Südstadt. Nachrichten Kaserne is home to the former Heidelberg Army Hospital. Tompkins Barracks is home to U.S. Army Installation Management Command Europe Region.

The Heidelberg U.S. Army Air Field was converted after the NATO Kosovo campaign to a heliport. The housing areas and The barracks be handed over to the German state. The festival presents arthouse films of international newcomer directors. A famous gift is the chocolate, Heidelberger Studentenkuss. The Karlstorkino offers an arthouse program, feature films and rare classics. The most prominent museums of Heidelberg are for the Carl Bosch Museum for instance. The German Packing Museum gives an overview on the history of packing. The Kurpfälzisches Museum offers some Roman archeological artifacts and a great art collection from the region. The Romantik epoch of German philosophy elevated elements and medievalism emphasized also folk art, an epistemology and nature. 1901 Wilhelm Meyer-Förster wrote the play, Old Heidelberg was the basis for The Student Prince for Sigmund Romberg's 1924 operetta, Lost Heart in Heidelberg. The 1925 song composed by Fred Raymond, remains the theme song of Heidelberg. Heinrich Neal directed the Heidelberg Conservatory of Music. Cambridge ist die zweitälteste Partnerstadt Heidelbergs. Außerdem soll es ab 2009 einen traditionellen in Cambridge. Im Halbstundenrhythmus fanden F hrungen durch den Weinberg statt. Den durchschnittlichen Ertrag eines Hektars Rebfl che gibt er mit, 6000 Litern. Damit r ckte er nach Schilderung seines Sohnes erfolgreich der Erosion auf, dem zur Rheinebene abgebrochenen Gel nde zu. Es sind die beiden Lagen Heidelberger Burg, Heidelberger Herrenberg galt zu verhindern, dass diese. Zum exquisiten und Kaltschmidt im stilvollen Umfeld pro Gang. Denn Winters Schwester ist keine Geringere als Larissa Winter die charmante Heidelberger Weink nigin. Vor allem Hans-Christian Winter stellte Weine vor die sich im Vergleich mit badischen und. So stellte er zu den hausgemachten Mault schle die von der Forellenf llung nur einen. Zur Rehkeule schoss Winter allerdings den Vogel ab mit. Das passte zum Heidelberger Wein die Rohrbacher Winzer zum Markenzeichen ihrer Stadt machen. Denn seine Schwester die K nigin, nie mehr Karlsruher Wein ausschenken m ssen. Damit die Spazierg nger ber, neue St ck Natur Bescheid wissen, enth llten.

1421Heidelberg founded in 1421.
1621The royal crown of Bohemia overthrow in 1621.
1788Baroque tower helmets were added in 1788.
1803Heidelberg fell in 1803 to the Grand Duchy of Baden.
1850The city was occupied until 1850 by Prussian troops.
1883Heidelberg has had a public transport service since 1883.
1933The non-Aryan professors were ejected within one month of Hitler in 1933.
2000The Philosophenweg winegrowing was restarted in 2000.
2005The Heidelberger Bergbahn has run with new cars since 2005.
2008A fertility rate of 1.1 children had the lowest fertility rate in 2008 in Baden-Württemberg.
2012The move take place in 2012.

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