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Hamm is a city, part of the Verkehrsgemeinschaft Ruhr-Lippe

Country Name:Germany
Country Code:DE
Administrative Division:North Rhine-Westphalia
Feature Name:City
Location:51.68033, 7.82089

The 1614 Treaty of Xanten ends the conflict about the Electorate Brandenburg about the heritage of Cleve-Mark. All Almost buildings were destroyed except for St. Agnes church and the main church St. Georg. 1856 Westfälische Draht Industrie was founded later Klöckner Draht GmbH, today Westfälische Draht Industrie. 1901 30000 inhabitants is split up into the urban district of Hamm. 1914 Datteln-Hamm-Canal is completed including the new city port. The 1938 A2 reaches Hamm inhabits growing logistics business.

1944 Coal-mine Maximillian closes with water drainage of the hole mine after several problems. 1953 Windsor Boys's School opens on British Service personnel for the children. 1984 First Landesgartenschau of North Rhine-Westphalia is held in Hamm. The old area of the coal-mine Maximillian was used for this purpose. Any 1833 population is an approximation in the population in later times. The city council has 58 members Pirate Party Germany accepted the voting, the plans. Every quarter is named like Hamm-Mitte and Hamm-Bockum-Hövel with the prefix Hamm. The former town Bockum-Hövel today forms the quarter with the largest number of inhabitants. Knappschaftskrankenhaus Hospital operated for miners by the health fund. Both comprehensive schools are younger foundations during school reforms of NRW by the city. Today is the last operating coal mine with about 3000 employees. Mannesmann Hoesch Präzisrohr are the major representatives of the steel industry, the chemical industry. The energy industry is represented in Uentrop by a further power plant and a RWE coal power plant.

A new coal power plant is currently under construction. Several hospitals are also important employers for the EVK Hamm for example. The 1990 local radio station is number and On Air, one radio station of the local radios in NRW. The Kamener Kreuz is situated in the southwest of Hamm. A regional bus service is served by both nets and different companies. The ports of Hamm are the second biggest canal port by freight. The city port allows for ships, is linked with the railway. The airfield is operated by the Luftsportclub Hamm e. V. Hamm. The nearest greater International Airport is Düsseldorf Airport. Alle Artikel dieses Wikis beziehen sich im Gegensatz zu Wikipedia auf. Der Neubau wurde von den dänischen Architekten Bo und Wohlert entworfen. Darüber hinaus lebt dieses Angebot von aktuellen Informationen, so dass sich ein Besuch zu jeder Zeit. Ich selbst nutze inzwischen das Hamm-Wiki, um mich grundsätzlich zu informieren.

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