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Hagley is civil parish and a village, part of the West Midlands Urban Area

Hagley Catholic High School Haybridge High School Hagley Hall Photos of Hagley surrounding area on geograph Railway station footbridge. Decorative cast iron columns wit moulded capitals, corrugated iron roof and iron lattice girder span. The line had been opened by the Oxford in 1852, was mooted first in 1844 73. This type of footbridge was a standard feature of the 1880s. BritishListedBuildings.co.uk is an independent online resource. All government data published is used here under licence. The ordnance survey maps indicate major stretches of the route, aerial photographs, part.

The Originally road ran past the old Hall and the church from the top of Hagley Hill. The turnpike roads were the major routes, important centres. A route do pass not through Hagley, goes actually from Bromsgrove. A commission was debating already the question of gauge widths. The original station buildings lasted into the British Rail era, were clad with corrugated iron sheet. The Originally building housed waiting general ladies and room, toilets and room. Business done from the goods yard north of the station. The iron was wrought almost certainly the steel and iron, spring steel. Five fields and The tithe schedule lists Glasshouse Close called Brittle Pits and Brettle. The meaning of Brettle are derived probably from the O.E.. One possibility is the disposal of the waste from the glass house. The water was used on two sites to power water wheels, is understood that Springbrook Forge. &160; &160; &160; &160; &160; Caroline Bristow was the daughter of John Bristow. Some evidence of the medieval church be seen the notably stone.

The rebuilding was carried out during the rectorship of the Revd. A mission church hall had been established by November in 1882.

1716A William Tysack died in 1716.
1852The line had been opened by the Oxford in 1852.
1882A mission church hall had been established by November in 1882.
1884The footbridge was built in 1884.
1908St Saviour's Church dedicated in 1908.
1969John Bonham lived in 1969 in Hagley.
2001The parish had in 2001.

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