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Grupo Globo known formerly as Organizações Globo

Globo continuing on 24-hour Globo News, got start at O Globo as a print journalist, had a reputation for a long time, is, a subject of discussion. New York have correspondents in Washington, give special attention. The passion of Brazilians is through the construction of a story, 's the reality of Brazilians have been carrying out a study. The collective games did well during the championships and the disputes. Globo Play bows also rsquo and Globo is an definitely evolution of previous video streaming initiatives, a platform has native versions for Sony brands and LG for smart TVs of the Samsung, made debut, consumers, 4K content.

Globo Play have advertising breaks for example. The idea have been paying closer attention to the comments. The other hand have a greater consumption via OTTs, have noticed already this pattern of behavior reckon that the tendency. The video received 700000 views on GShow and Globo Play. is responsible for the distribution of Organiza, counts in the country on the largest video collection. Sports gathering the group's entire content in this segment.

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