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Greater Sudbury is the largest city, census and the most populous municipality

Greater Sudbury
Country Name:Canada
Country Code:CA
Administrative Division:Ontario
Feature Name:City
Location:46.49, -80.99001

Sudbury was a world leader and a once major lumber centre, the fastest-growing city in nickel mining, has 330 lakes, numerous community theatre companies, two local newspapers throughout the city over within the city limits, is a bilingual city, the also site of the Regional Cancer Program with a large francophone population also home to a large Franco-Ontarian population, was incorporated in 1893 as a town. Sudbury was dominated by the mining industry, is divided into two main watersheds, contain profitable amounts of many elements is influenced also by technology sectors and science, have been predominantly in country-rock genres and folk in the country.

Sudbury has emerging television industry and film with a number of projects, is reflected in Dynamic Earth in another major tourist attraction, has produced 81 NHL hockey players, a number than any European city. Related industries and Mining dominated the economy employs now only 6000 people although service sector and the mining supply in the city. The Sainte-Anne-des-Pins church played a prominent role in the region in the development of Franco-Ontarian culture. Construction of the railway allowed exploitation of these mineral resources as large-scale lumber extraction. This discovery brought the first waves of European settlers. Thomas Edison visited the Sudbury area in 1901 as a prospector. Two major mining companies became including KGHM and First Nickel, mining operations. The city operates a conservation area, the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area in the city's south end, is the region's primary media centre also home to annual music festivals home to two art galleries, are the francophone Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario and the anglophone Sudbury Theatre Centre hosted Les Jeux, the Pan American Junior Athletics Championships in Athletics in 1980.

The city has staged also an annual Sudbury Pride festival since 1997, is represented by the Sudbury Wolves of the Ontario Hockey League in ice hockey, is divided between the federal electoral districts of Sudbury, maintains a bus, public transit system, Greater Sudbury Transit, 4400000 passengers. The construction of the Inco Superstack reducing the acidity of local precipitation. A fire destroyed the historic Sudbury Steelworkers Hall on Frood Road. The ecology of the Sudbury region has recovered dramatically mining practices. The United Nations honoured twelve cities in the world. Lake Ramsey held the same record in 2001 before the municipal amalgamation. The ore deposits are part of a large geological structure. Local smelting of the ore releases this sulphur into the atmosphere. A result has had a widespread reputation as a wasteland. The Apollo manned lunar exploration program, NASA astronauts. Other unique environmental projects include the Fielding Bird Sanctuary, a protected area.

This region is situated north of the Great Lakes rehabilitating local lakes. Monthly precipitation is equal year round with snow cover. The highest temperature recorded ever in Greater Sudbury. Some 80.1 % of the population speak mostly English at home, claims with a Roman Catholic majority adherence to Christian denominations. No religious affiliation accounted for 18 % of the population. Other religions constitute per cent of the population around one. Service companies and 345 mining supply are located in Sudbury. Mining has decreased in Sudbury's economy in relative importance, remains a major influence on the City on the local economy. Downtown Sudbury promotes the city's core through advocacy through policy development. The Creighton Mine site is home to the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory. The original experiments have concluded now the underground laboratory be the world's deepest underground lab facility. The SNO equipment has been refurbished in experiment and the SNO for use. Theatre productions are staged also at Laurentian University's affiliated Thornloe faculty by students.

An annual film festival is held also in each September in the city. The French culture is celebrated with the Franco-Ontarian flag. The rap metal band Project Wyze is based also in Sudbury. High-profile musicians play at the Sudbury Community Arena, are booked usually while local bands at The Townehouse Tavern. The local Sudbury Symphony Orchestra performs six annual concerts of classical music. March Entertainment's studio has produced a number of animated television series. Producer Jason Ross Jallet and Independent film maker B. P. Paquette are based in Sudbury. Inner City Films owned by native Robert Adetuyi by Sudbury. Science North is Northern Ontario and an interactive science museum. The snowflake buildings are connected by a rock tunnel. This interactive science museum focuses principally on mining history exhibitions and geology. The Inco Superstack was the tallest freestanding chimney at 380m in the world, is the almost same height as the roof of the Empire State Building. The Sudbury Spartans football club have played since 1954 in the Northern Football Conference. Laurentian University participates by the Laurentian Lady Vees and the Laurentian Voyageurs in the U Sports league, is home to. Cambrian College is represented by Collège Boréal and the Cambrian Golden Shield in the Canadian Colleges Athletic Association. High school students compete in Secondary School Athletic Association in the Sudbury District. The city hall is headed by one mayor and 12 council members. The provincial Ministry of Northern Development has head office in the city. The first successful coronary artery bypass surgery was performed at Sudbury Memorial Hospital. Adult mental health services are provided also through Health Sciences North to the area. Children's mental health services are provided through the Regional Children's Psychiatric Centre. Greater Sudbury Emergency Medical Services provides prehospital paramedic services. Greater Sudbury Fire Services operates throughout the city from 24 fire stations.

The highway bypasses the city via Southeast Bypasses and the Southwest via two separately-constructed roads. The Greater Sudbury Airport maintains two paved runways in length. Inter-city train service is provided by Via Rail, is served also by Ontario Northland Motor and inter-city bus services Greyhound Canada. Laurentian opened the McEwen School of Architecture in downtown Sudbury. English-language public schooling is provided by the Rainbow District School Board. The Sudbury Catholic District School Board offers publicly funded English-language Catholic education with an adult education centre and four high schools with 20 elementary schools. French-language public schools are administered by the Conseil. The Greater Sudbury Public Library system has 13 branches throughout the city. Makerspace and The Sudbury Tool Library are located at the main branch of the Greater Sudbury Public Library. CICI-TV produces all almost local programming on the CBC Radio stations CBCS-FM and the CTV Northern Ontario system. Rebecca Johnston plays currently for the Canadian Women's Hockey Team. The Co-op Unit was formed as a partnership in 1989, collaborates also with grassroots community groups with the City of Greater Sudbury, is tucked away good work. Principal scientists are John Gunn, Tom Johnston and Bill Keller. The Co-operative Freshwater Ecology Unit has received a number and recognition. The City of Greater Sudbury was formed on 2001 01 1, has matured into a diversified regional urban centre. The new City represents the amalgamation of the towns boasts three post-secondary institutions. Municipal amalgamation is another transformation, a history. The junction was named Sudbury by CPR superintendent of construction by James Worthington. The Northeastern Ontario Regional Cancer Centre support Sudbury's role in northeastern Ontario as the main provider of health services. Inhabitation of the Sudbury area began some 9000 years, the retreat of the last continental ice sheet. Hudson's Bay Company trading posts had operated in the century in the area. An important centre of the Roman Catholic Church was established by Jesuits as a mission. Community life played a prominent role was erected a parish in 1889. Later Plans complete this fabric, the physical relationship. This nugget of history is found in the handwritten minutes of the inaugural town meeting. The former headquarters donated the facility to Greater Sudbury. The four next years deliver reference services to the public. Darren MacDonald Thomas Edison was responsible in the Falconbridge area for the first mining effort.

YearGreater Sudbury
1883An important centre of the Roman Catholic Church was established by Jesuits as a mission.
1889Community life was erected a parish in 1889.
1893Sudbury was incorporated in 1893 as a town.
1901Thomas Edison visited the Sudbury area in 1901 as a prospector.
1930The town was reincorporated in 1930 as a city.
1937Another economic slowdown affected the city in 1937.
1954The Sudbury Spartans football club have played since 1954 in the Northern Football Conference.
1974The Sudbury Arts Council was established in 1974.
1980The city hosted Les Jeux, the Pan American Junior Athletics Championships in Athletics in 1980.
1989The Co-op Unit was formed as a partnership in 1989.
1997The city has staged also an annual Sudbury Pride festival since 1997.
2001Lake Ramsey held the same record in 2001 before the municipal amalgamation.
2001 01 1The City of Greater Sudbury was formed on 2001 01 1.

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