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Granby, Quebec is a town, the seat of La Haute-Yamaska Regional County Municipality

Granby, Quebec
Country Name:Canada
Country Code:CA
Administrative Division:Quebec
Feature Name:City
Location:45.40008, -72.73243

The Executive Council of Quebec conceded the Township of Granby to Colonel Henry Caldwell. Field areas have been exploited for the North Yamaska river and agricultural use. The North Yamaska river connects by a network of road s to nearby villages. Yamaska National Park is a vast protected humid zone around the Choinière reservoir. Park Victoria is the oldest urban garden in town, was purchased in 1889. Selbach fountain inaugurated on the corner of Dufferin street in 1982 rises. Two ponds connected by a hilly terrain and large rock outcrops by a small stream.

The founders of Saint-Jean-Baptiste society was erected in 1934. The international classic car show takes place at parc Daniel-Johnston. Winner of many prizes Autodrome Granby is known worldwide in the racing community. The Granby Inouk of the Quebec Junior AAA Hockey League are based in Granby. The Inouk play home games at the Leonard Grondin Arena. The Guerriers play home games at Napoléon Fontaine Stadium. The public transit department of the town is Transport urbain Granby. Data suppression and Area results for geographic areas in the deletion of all information. Counts of the total population are rounded for any dissemination block. Population counts above the dissemination block level for all standard geographic areas. The adjustment has no impact on the population counts of census divisions. One-family household refers to a household to a single census family. Family households be divided based also in a census family on the presence of persons. The population excluding institutional residents, Canadian citizens, immigrants.

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