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Gipuzkoa is a province of Spain, Donostia-San Sebastián

The first recorded name of the province was Ipuscoa in a document. The Basque spelling is also mandatory the spelling, the also spelling from the various Spanish public administrations in official texts. The Aralar Natural Park is a conservation area on the border of Gipuzkoa. The rivers of Gipuzkoa are distinctly different from other Bay of Biscay rivers, arise in flow in the inland hilly Basque landscape. The rivers extend with a only small fluctuation for a short length. A narrow strip extending east from the tunnel and the hamlet Otzaurte.

The region's communication layout is in step, has produced many famous Basque football players. A minor St. James route crossed along the coast east Gipuzkoa to west. 1973 engineering works for the Bilbao-Behobia A-8 E-70 motorway. The regional railway network Euskotren follows also along the coast. The stretch of the A-15 motorway serving Pamplona and Gipuzkoa. Conflict resolved about the definitive layout after a deal. South of Spain avoids Donostia's metropolitan area by means of the southern outer road ring.

Aegean Sea is elongated embayment of the Mediterranean Sea

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