Thomson English physicist 1940 Physics Fellow of the Royal Society Aerodynamics Nobel Laureate

George Paget Thomson was nobel laureate and an English physicist

The college honoured tenure with a work of modernist architecture with the George Thomson Building. These experiments were incomplete at the outbreak of war. This committee reported that a bomb in 1941, spent the next year at Ottawa as Scientific Liaison Officer. Sir George T. is a Fellow of the Royal Society, the Hughes Medal and the Royal Medal, a Doctor of Science at Hon. D.Sc at Cambridge. Other scientific works and aerodynamics published works, a popular book is.

YearGeorge Paget Thomson
1892George Paget Thomson was born at Cambridge in 1892.
1920Brief service resigned commission in 1920 as a Captain.
1937George Thomson was awarded jointly the Nobel Prize in 1937 for Physics.
1940Thomson was the chairman of the crucial MAUD Committee in 1940.
1941This committee reported that a bomb in 1941.
1952Thomson stayed until 1952 at Imperial College.
1975Thomson died in 1975.

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