University of Cambridge Uruguay Dynamics Geometry Reader Professor of mathematics Specialist

Gabriel Paternain is a Uruguay, an mathematician

Dr Neil Dodgson is a Reader in the University's Computer Laboratory in Imaging and Graphics. Dr Dodgson's talent extends also to the administration of teaching, designed a system. Professor Charlie Ellington is Professor of Animal Mechanics, an inspiring lecturer in the Department of Zoology. Dr Mike P Hobson is a University Reader in the Department of Physics, receives consistently excellent feedback from the staff-student consultative committee from last year and students. Dr Hobson is co-author of a textbook for Engineering and Physics on Mathematical methods, has co-authored also recently a textbook on General Relativity.

Dr Tom Hynes is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Engineering. Dr Gabriel P Paternain is a Reader in the Department of Pure Mathematics in Dynamics and Geometry. Dr Paternain has played a significant role has been an extraordinary success has in addition. Dr Helen Thompson is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Politics. Helen has led also the preparation of a new MPhil in comparative politics. Dr Dan Tucker is a Director of Studies in the Department of Veterinary Medicine. Dr Jonathan Silverman is Associate, Director and Clinical Dean. Dr Silverman has made in Cambridge an outstanding contribution to the Clinical School. Dr James Warren is an inspiring University Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Classics. A specialist has played a major role has designed also successfully two new courses. Andrew Gilfillan Managing Director of Europe, Africa and Middle East at Cambridge University Press.

Calculus is the mathematical study of continuous change, a part of modern mathematics education

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