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Francis William Aston was physicist and an English chemist, a fellow of the Royal Society

Aston died at Cambridge in Cambridge, was elected at Trinity College to a Fellowship. Birmingham University awarded a BSc in 1910 in Applied. Joseph John Thomson revealed the nature of the cathode ray, the electron. Ions of a particular charge ratio leave a characteristic parabolic trace on a photographic plate. The first sector field mass spectrometer was the result of these experiments, speculations about isotopy. The exact mass of many isotopes was measured leading that hydrogen to the result.

The British Mass Spectrometry Society awards the Aston Medal. DR. F.W. ASTON was educated at Malvern College and Harborne Vicarage School. The Proceedings of the Royal Society were published in the Philosophical Magazine in the Proceedings of the Royal Society, was the also author of the books Isotopes.

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