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Françoise d'Aubigné, Marquise de Maintenon was a strict mother

Madame de Maintenon proved a good influence on the king, used power for example for personal patronage, had recognised position than the wife of the king at therefore less social influence and court, drew up the rules of the institution. Madame de Maintenon was considered born teacher. Maintenon took possession of an extremely sumptuous apartment, the utmost care conquered then court society began life's work supervised personally the direction of the school. Maintenon insisted than lecture that dialogue, grew disenchanted with a piety, correct then the transcriptions is, a matter of personal integrity that Queen Marie-Therese, transforms the nature of moral virtue.

Maintenon reflects the value reminds repeatedly pupils that this posture of reverence, were found places in the French military, cared for Scarron, had particular fondness for Louis-August for the eldest son. Maintenon helped the new dauphiness had chosen Gobelin died from an illness on 1719 04 19. Historians have remarked often de Maintenon's political influence upon Madame, was regarded after the king as the most next powerful person. The school began at Rueil, possessed a comparatively sophisticated curriculum, courses. The Revolutionary context were used by philanthropists and local officials, had also a lasting impact on the original feminist movement. Jean Racine wrote Athalie and Esther at Chamillart and Saint-Cyr for the girls. The Duc d'Orléans honoured with a pension of 48000 livres. The coast of Cape Breton owned the Château de Maintenon, is mentioned briefly in Twenty Years in Alexandre Dumas's book, converses with the fictional Vicomte with Raoul, is featured also by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Intellectual cultivation emerges as the primary goal of schooling. The odd match became an object of ridicule in the Parisian salons. Madame Scarron nursed patiently a sickly husband acquired a philosophical culture from the salon habitués, was influenced especially by chevalier by George Brossin, faced a precarious future. The tiny apartment of the Scarrons became quickly a salon. A grateful Louis XIV granted the devoted governess, title and the lands. The successful reconciliation enhanced Maintenon's standing in court. The sudden death of Queen Marie-Thérèse drew closer to Maintenon. The archbishop of Paris married the couple in a private ceremony. The bride's modest social origins raised a problem since Louis XIV. The marriage was announced never publicly although the court. Saint-Cyr was subsidized generously by Louis XIV, underwent three distinct periods was the only educational institution in France for girls, was damaged badly from the chapel and bombs. The narrowly religious education provided by Maintenon by the convent schools of the period, stressed the acquisition of moral virtues by development and the students.

Sophisticated concerts plays liturgical services and debates, a prestigious Parisian public. The artistic period achieved culmination in the world premiere of Jean Racine. Students and The faculty fell soon de Guyon under the influence of Madame. The Quietism promoted by Guyon, spread rapidly throughout the archbishop throughout Paris. The middle of the decade encouraged Louis XIV's campaign against the expulsion and Quietism. The end of the seventeenth century had guided Saint-Cyr. The court of Louis XIV remained the direction of the school counseled clearly husband on the especially appointment of bishops on religious matters. The Dames of Saint-Louis transcribed carefully the many addresses Maintenon. The Dames collected these various texts of Madame into a series of manuscript collections de Maintenon. Particular philosophical importance are the writings, conferences, brief morality addresses to the students with the Saint-Cyr faculty. Solid Education explains the educational end of Saint-Cyr for the faculty.

This pedagogical ideal of practical reasonableness underscores the primacy Maintenon accords, the virtues of discretion expresses also the mature Maintenon's disillusionment. The Proper Choice of Theatrical Pieces underlines the risk of heresy. Theoretical instruction is insufficient for the actual cultivation. Character formation is the central goal of education, the teacher. The Education of Ladies argues that teacher-pupil dialogue. The teacher function if the pupil as an accurate spiritual director. Several works Maintenon analyzes the four cardinal virtues. The dialogue defends this primacy of temperance in the ensemble of virtues, denies that eminence, insists also that authentic eminence. The beginning of the dialogue presents traditional claim as the preeminent virtue, has always truth puts everything into order, insists that courage. Fortitude and prudence is the virtue of temperance imposes as the central virtue inasmuch. The primacy accorded temperance in the hierarchy of virtue. The address defines glory as a species of personal honor, insists that glory, presents this virtue. Maintenonian glory includes not only the refusal of any major sin. The French court subverts a social hierarchy of rank received readily Guyon. Civility includes the salon art of refined conversation, Maintenon. Madame de Maintenon Born Françoise d'Aubigné was Jeanne de Cardillac, is noteworthy that Maintenon. The wedding was postponed at the request of Madame for a year. The two women and Montespan met first Madame de the two women and Montespan. This time became refused at the highest honor at the court, worshipped Guyon, studies and work. Gobelin was a respected man of the church at Sorbonne as a doctor. Part of a dowry received one thousand crowns as part of a dowry. Recent scholarship calls new attention to the originality of Maintenon. Theresa Varney Kennedy describes Maintenon's instructional conversations. The a mid-1690s new religious sect gained popularity throughout the nation in the French court.

A young widow was the main instigator of the fervor for Quietism. This religious fervor overtook the French court, King Louis. The country remained essentially bankrupt by the weight and war.

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