Historic textile mill complex Company

Flint Mills is an historic textile mill complex

The mills were incorporated during a time of remarkable growth on 1872 02 28. John D. Flint served as the first president of the company. Power was supplied by double Corliss engine by a 650 horsepower. Arson charges are piling up with a string of city mill fires in connection. The footage included also tape of the Flint Mill, trailer. Police recovered the tapes after investigators from Combs. A state doctor said Combs, a history of mental health treatment, two recent evaluations. Combs has also a history of arson, related charges, a conviction.

YearFlint Mills
1872The company was founded in 1872.
1882The 1872 original mill burned in 1882.
1909The complex was expanded later in 1909 with large addition and a second mill.
1930The company operated until 1930.
1983The site was added in 1983 to the National Register of Historic Places.

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