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Femtochemistry is the area of physical chemistry

Femtochemistry: Chemistry

This area of physical chemistry has been named femtochemistry. Hundred years of research Svante Arrhenius inspired by va. The theoretical assumption was that the transition state. That chemical reactions take place on the same time scale. Each improvement of the time resolution led in a reaction chain to new links. The pump pulse is starting signal while the probe pulse for the reaction, excites the ion pair Na. Another important experiment Zewail studied the dissociation of sodium iodide. Potential energy curves showing excited state and ground state for NaI.

The upper curve shows the molecule vibrations in excited NaI. Research explosion A studied much model reaction in organic chemistry. Another type of reaction studied with femtosecond technology. The conversion of the stilbene molecule concluded that during the two benzene rings that during the process. Similar behaviour has been observed also recently for the retinal molecule. Femtosecond studies following Zewail's work, the intensively world. Another important research field is studies of biological systems.

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