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Fart word is a word

Benjamin Franklin prepared an essay for the Royal Academy of Brussels on the topic. Físa and Frata turned up in Old Icelandic mythological poems. Some verbs form principal parts belong to the most ancient part of the Germanic vocabulary. Others add a dental suffix for example in the past participle and the preterit. Frata and Icelandic freta were the product of metathesis. An even more surprising thing is that the cognates that fart, has cognates. Icelandic físa preserved the oldest form without the suffix t, has too excellent cognates.

Few people remember that in the only woman that in the days of Nikita Khrushchev. Anatoly Liberman is the author of Word Origins appears here each Wednesday. Only one student got because the others that question right. The uneasy relations have been clarified to everybody's satisfaction. The O.E.D. treats farting with rigorously pedantic academic detachment. Instance held in bad repute, require some equivalent of the Beaufort scale. This point is illustrated instructively by Allen Edwardes. Simojeh-el-Hewweh was the appellation, an Egyptian bean-eater. Deyyer became a popular word in nothing and Arab tales. A roomful of farting women is a rather girlish noise like the wet windy fart, hope Nora. Literary Decorum excluded undoubtedly from the works of more straight-laced uptight writers. This image of the Almighty be interpreted as a primitive version of the Big Bang Theory. Belching forcing wind in rapid sequence from the buttocks. Another infamous son of the Vaterland suffered also from severe flatulence.

Third-Reich scientists investigating Biological warfare and Chemical. British Tommies had experienced already the deadly use. The well-known French gourmand blamed farts for dishes on a delectation. Another trick included an imitation of the San Francisco earthquake. Petomania have been well the unacknowledged precursor of Beatle-mania. Death farting is no respecter of rank is truly egalitarian the great leveller. The curse words swear words, the words and the cuss words, words, the words and the cuss words. Shit won the Grammy, man, the Grammy, man for the comedy album for the comedy album, ai n't worth shit, n't worth shit in a handbag in a handbag, get off the pot, the pot got a shit. Tune leads a double life, the word fuck, a double life, the word fuck. The Now word twat is an interesting word, an interesting word.

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