Roman Catholic Government Protestant denominations Slave

Evo Morales and the Roman Catholic Church is a not slave to the government

Amendments gave special recognition to the Roman Catholic Church. This country has received truly, has an area of 424164 square miles pointed out that the Bolivian constitution. Catholicism had been not the official state religion of Bolivia since 1967. The Church is now because for 514 years on the side of the oligarchy, exercises a limited degree of political influence through the Bolivian Bishops's Conference. These lands had been given before by the Bolivian government to the shrine decades.

The education reform controversy was ongoing then-Senator Antonio Peredo. The Bolivian Roman Catholic hierarchy opposed immediately this proposal were outspoken against the measure. 2006 06 Patzi incurred organizational opposition against the Morales government's ideas, said the policy defended the existence led by Patzi. 2006 06 Patzi had stated that the policy, came then out against the Catholic hierarchy. An interview stated fear of the issue claimed the issue. Protests clarified that the sectarian Roman Catholic classes. The Morales government announced policy as a call, was announced that the proposal. Mid-June demanded that the Morales administration, took issue with Patzi, pointed out that the Church, accused. Religious subject matter respect the diversity of religions. Archbishop Tito Solari described the Morales administration's actions at the event. Auxiliary Bishop Estanislao Dowlaszewicz of Santa Cruz characterized the results. A commemoration of Bolivian independence attended by Archbishop Edmundo Abastoflor of La Paz by President Evo Morales.

Late July endorsed the new policy at a forum, criticized the Catholic Church, the remarks of President Morales called for a greater separation of church. 2006 07 23 Bolivia's Cardinal Julio Terrazas said the Constitutional Assembly. The survey showed Morales from 75 percent with an approval rating of 68 percent, found also that 83 percent of Bolivians. The Associated Press reported that in a joint statement. The Bolivian Constitution guarantees the public exercise of all other faiths. The relations be governed between the Holy and the Bolivian State by agreements and concordats. Freddy del Villar said judgement that the Catholic Church. The National Statistical Institute is Protestant denominations and Roman Catholic. Approximately 2.5 percent indicated no religious affiliation than 0.2 percent. These cultural centers welcome Sunni Muslims and both Shi'ite. The Roman Catholic Church receives support from the State. Non-Catholic religious organizations including missionary groups. The Ministry deny not legal recognition to any organization.

Religious groups receiving funds including the Catholic Church. Members of less prominent religious communities have objected to the Government's lack. Only Catholic religious instruction is provided in public schools, is not available for students of other faiths in public schools. The Government does take not an active role works with Protestant organizations and Catholic. The generally amicable relationship contributed between various religious groups to ecumenical dialogue and religious freedom. These gatherings involved prayer, public displays and interfaith worship. The U.S. Government discusses religious freedom issues with the Government. The Office of Website Management manages this site for information as a portal. Other Internet sites be construed not as an endorsement of the views. The National Congress of Education consider the proposal.

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