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Etobicoke is former city and an administrative district, the hometown of Major League Baseball Star Joey Votto

Country Name:Canada
Country Code:CA
Administrative Division:Ontario
Feature Name:City
Location:43.65421, -79.56711

Etobicoke developed in low-density residential areas in the post-war years. Different groups of First Nations peoples used the land. The Algonquian-speaking Mississauga settled here by 1695. The name was derived from the Mississauga word wah-do-be-kang. The dispute was settled eventually between the Government of Canada. The first land patent was issued on 1797 03 18 to Sergeant Patrick Mealey, was given to a Sergeant Patrick Mealey, is that the lots. The Crown was providing in compensation land to Loyalists, granted more land to the members of the Queen.

Other parts of Ontario granted land to the Iroquoian First Nations. The township of Etobicoke counted 84 people in the township of Etobicoke, was incorporated on 1850 01 1, was merged with three small lakeside municipalities. The council convened monthly meetings at a variety of places. Etobicoke Township became, the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto. The central areas of Etobicoke are generally middle class. The Kingsway neighbourhood has attracted families and many affluent individuals. The former McGuiness Whiskey factory was converted into a high-rise loft condominium. The rural Richview community developed in the 19th century to the north of Islington. Central Etobicoke includes Etobicoke's most exclusive neighbourhoods with fine housing stock. Markland Wood is the farthest western community within Etobicoke. Secular Anglophone public schools are overseen by the Toronto District School Board, include Central Etobicoke High School, Humberwood Downs J.M.A.. The Conseil scolaire Viamonde operates the Conseil and secular francophone schools.

Sunwing Airlines and Pizza Pizza have headquarters in Etobicoke. The construction industry has been booming with many new condominium towers. Henry Carr Crusaders were the 2016 AAA Provincial, high school basketball champions. Toronto's gridded street matrix are found in Etobicoke. The Bloor-Danforth subway rapid-transit line has western terminus at Dundas Street and Kipling Avenue. SkyMeter is a Toronto company be seemingly a good fit in authority if someone and the city. Smith was in command of the Queen, survived until 1955 in Long Branch. Hunt became later a sergeant with the th 49 regiment of Foot, married John Murchison. Patents were given also in 1799 to Thomas Tivey and John Clark. Another grant was given in 1798 to a Captain William Hooton. Copies of the grant were donated kindly by a descendant of William Hooton by Amy Brewitt. The transcription of the grant was Mary, a allegedly Whitney appears the Hooton family.

1695The Algonquian-speaking Mississauga settled here by 1695.
1790sEtobicoke was settled first in the 1790s by Europeans.
1795Etobicoke was adopted finally in 1795 as the official name.
1798Another grant was given in 1798 to a Captain William Hooton.
1799Patents were given also in 1799 to Thomas Tivey and John Clark.
1816The Dundas Street bridge opened in 1816.
1850 01 1The township of Etobicoke was incorporated on 1850 01 1.
1855Etobicoke opened in 1855 through the area.
1913 01 1New Toronto was incorporated on 1913 01 1.
1920Mimico became a town in 1920.
1930Long Branch was incorporated as a village in 1930.
1955Smith survived until 1955 in Long Branch.
1984The borough was reincorporated in 1984 as a city.
1998Etobicoke was dissolved in 1998.

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