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Ellen Key was a Swedish difference, feminist writer

Key hoped Feilitzen, wife began teaching at new school at Anton Nyström, did share a lot of similar beliefs with two main issues with the members of Fredrika-Bremer-förbundet, contributed with different views to three journals. Key grew up in an atmosphere of liberalism, was republican-minded with the idea of freedom, was raised in a rigid Christian household, maintained that motherhood, commissioned the Strand house. Key has become tourist spot and a foundation. Folk colleges were from the countryside for young people.

1874 Tidskrift för Hemmet published first article was about other articles and Camilla Collett, do also some biographical studies on Elizabeth Barrett Browning and George Eliot. Mathilda Malling's Pyrrhus-segrar published under the pseudonym Stella Kleve in 1886. The late 1880s 1890s write also about Carl Jonas Love Almqvist and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. War has inspired writers as Marika Stjernstedt as Selma Lagerlöf. These ideas regarding state child support, social legislation.

Anarchism is a political philosophy, a philosophy

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