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Edmonton is North America's northernmost city

Edmonton: Provincial Capital
Country Name:Canada
Country Code:CA
Administrative Division:Alberta
Feature Name:City
Location:53.55014, -113.46871

Edmonton is divided within 7 geographic sectors into 375 neighbourhoods, has been traditionally a hub, the birthplace of several companies for Albertan petrochemical industries, has made an ideal spot for logistics and distribution, was named cultural capital of Canada in 2007, began broadcasting music in 1927. Edmonton constitutes the longest stretch of connected urban parkland in Edmonton and North America, is displayed through authentic artifacts and costumed historical interpreters through historical buildings, have rivalries with Calgary's teams, shared hosting duties for the 2012 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships with Calgary, was incorporated as a city as a town.

Edmonton is represented by 12 councillors and a mayor, experienced a decrease in the 1990s in crime, serves for Canadian National Railway as a major transportation hub, is tied also into the Canadian Pacific Railway network, is expanding also by 2020 the LRT to Mill Woods. Edmonton established in 1891. The city had in 2016, has milder winters, a vibrant popular music scene, a number of public charter schools than both further south of Edmonton than Winnipeg and either Regina, has established 12 business, revitalization zone s was performed in community halls and churches. The city is a centre for music instruction, was founded in 1892. Fort Edmonton was established as a major trading post on the river's north bank. The new fort's name was suggested after Edmonton by John Peter Pruden. The agreement includes Woods Cree and the Plains, other band government s and Assiniboine. Southern Alberta helped the 1891 building and the Edmonton economy extends also into a portion of Lamont County beyond the CMA's northeastern boundary.

Strathcona was North America's northernmost railway point. Many impoverished families moved outside the city to subsistence farms. The Canadian army contributed also in population to the drop. The North Saskatchewan River originates in Jasper National Park at the Columbia Icefield. The construction of two reservoirs empties via the Nelson River and Lake Winnipeg via the Saskatchewan River. Aspen parkland surrounds the city, a transitional area. The highest temperature recorded in Edmonton within the City of Edmonton. The summer solstice receives three minutes and seventeen hours. Precipitation is heaviest in early autumn and summer in the late spring. Twelve tornadoes had been recorded between 1890 in Edmonton. Then-mayor Laurence Decore cited as evidence the community's response to the tornado. A massive cluster of thunderstorms occurred with large hail on 2004 07 11. The storm caused extensive damage to West Edmonton Mall. The City of Edmonton including the Edmonton International Airport as a result, has named five parks.

The mature area sector contains also the five former urban municipalities. Larger residential areas comprising multiple neighbourhoods built since the 1950s. The 2016 Census of Population conducted by the City of Edmonton by Statistics Canada. The 2016 census captured more detailed demographic information on residents, reported also that 50.2 percent of the population, counts provided in this table. The 2011 Census had a population of 812201 living in 324756. The Edmonton census has the fifth-greatest population of CMAs in Alberta in Canada, had in 2013 in the 2011 Census, was second between 2006 to the Calgary CMA. The Edmonton population centre is the core of the Edmonton CMA had in 2011. People of European ethnicities formed the largest cluster of ethnic groups in Edmonton. The Baitul Hadi Mosque is the only Ahmadiyya mosque in the city. The Lebanese community has also a Druze Community Centre on the north side of the city. The Hindu Community is served by the Hindu Society of Alberta.

The Jewish Community is served by Jewish Federation of Edmonton. Service industries and Supply drive the energy extraction engine while research. Research initiatives are anchored as the University of Alberta by educational institutions. The U of A campus is for Nanotechnology home to the National Institute. The local retail market has seen also the creation of many successful store concepts. CN Rail's North American operational facility is located as a major intermodal facility in the city. Oliver is home to a significant number of retail stores. Many events are anchored in the downtown Arts District. The south side of the river contain theatres, various live music venues and concert halls. The Francis Winspear Centre was opened after years of planning in 1997. 102 Avenue is the Citadel Theatre, with five halls in Canada. The Citadel Theatre became also home to Catalyst Theatre. The University of Alberta grounds is the 2,534-seat Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. The front of the building is a quote from Suetonius's Life. The Old Strathcona neighbourhood is home to the Theatre District. The Ukrainian Dnipro Ensemble of Edmonton helps preserve the Ukrainian musical culture in Edmonton within the parameters of the Canadian multicultural identity. The Edmonton International Street Performer's Festival takes place in mid-July. The Sourdough Raft Races have been also a popular event. November plays host to Farmfair and the Canadian Finals Rodeo. The Edmonton International Fringe Festival held in mid-August. Another major summer festival is the Edmonton Heritage Festival. Many other festivals exist as the Free Will Shakespeare Festival as Interstellar Rodeo. Festivals of jazz are popular entertainment events in the city. The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra has existed since 1913 under various incarnations. The Orchestra performs for Music at the Francis Winspear Centre. Downtown Edmonton has undergone a continual process of renewal. The past decade has seen a strong resurgence in more mainstream venues.

The Edmonton City Centre mall houses also an Landmark Cinemas movie theatre, nine screens. West Edmonton Mall holds several after-hour establishments. The park system and Golf courses become a winter recreation area during cross-country skiing and this season. Volunteer programs include River Valley Clean-up, Root in Parks for Partner and Trees. The main building overlooking the river valley west of the city centre in the Glenora neighbourhood, designed by the AGA collection by Don Bittorf. The Telus World of Science is located in the Woodcroft neighbourhood of the city centre, opened in 1984, contains five permanent galleries, one additional gallery for an IMAX theatre for temporary exhibits. The Alberta Aviation Museum was built for the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, has also in Canada. The Prince of Wales Armouries Heritage Centre is home to the Loyal Edmonton Regiment Military Museum. The museum features several smaller exhibits and two galleries, an exhibit on CEF on the role of the 49th Battalion. The Alberta Railway Museum is located in the rural northeast portion of the city, contains a variety of locomotives. Historical Area and The John Walter Museum is on the Canadian Register of Historic Places. The University of Alberta operates Collections service and own internal Museums. The Art Gallery of Alberta is the city's largest single gallery. Independent galleries be found along the 124 Street corridor throughout the city. Junior sports clubs include Edmonton Wildcats and the Edmonton Huskies. Local amateur teams include the Edmonton Gold of the Rugby Canada Super League. Radical organizations and Unions struggled through the early years for progressive social change. Many thousands of workers participated in the Edmonton. Labour representation become a near-majority during the Great Depression in 1929. All fixed-wing aviation units were transferred to CFB Cold Lake. The Canadian Airborne Training Centre had been located in the 1980s in the city. The Edmonton International Airport is the main airport, the city. The EIA provides in the United States passenger service to destinations. Inter-city rail passenger rail service is provided by the Canadian by Via Rail's premier train. Passenger trains stop at three days at the Edmonton railway station. The train connects in British Columbia Edmonton to multiple stops. The Edmonton Transit System is the city's public transit agency, the Edmonton Light Rail Transit line. The original Edmonton line introduced the use of German-designed rolling stock. The power company was bought in 1902 by the Town of Edmonton. Charge of water treatment installed the world's largest ultraviolet water treatment. Addition produced by the compost, shows the census subdivision type, the census subdivision type. Other area hospitals include Sturgeon Community Hospital in Leduc Community Hospital in St. Albert. The Northeast Community Health Centre offers a 24-hour emergency room with no inpatient ward services. A similar set-up is also evident at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. All hospitals are although Grey Nuns and Misericordia under the administration of Alberta Health Services. The vast majority of students attend schools in the two large English language boards. Public charter schools and All three school boards are funded through property tax es and provincial grants. Some private schools exist as well Edmonton Academy, Tempo School and Progressive Academy. Those post-secondary institutions based in Edmonton, include Seminary and Taylor University College. The U of A is a board-governed institution in Canada also home to the second-largest research library system. MacEwan University had a total student population of over 43000 students. The cable television providers are Shaw Cable and Telus. The Journal established in 1903, publishes no longer a Sunday edition. The magazine Vue Weekly is published on a weekly basis. The Edmonton Examiner is a citywide community, paper, weekly. This table shows also the percentage change, the percentage change in the population in the population. Same-page links move beneath the table focus to the map. Population is defined using population density data and population from the current census. The ECCA plays a vital role is a hub for medivac for air ambulance, contributes also to security and the safety. The Edmonton Police Service are all major users of the facility. The Kingsway Business Association is a Business Revitalization Zone represent in the north over 350 businesses. This corpus was created originally between a group and the Internet Archive as a collaboration. Diavik Diamond Mines Inc. is, Aber Diamond Mines Ltd. and England, Canada. Diavik's current ore reserves comprise three diamond ore bodies, kimberlite pipes completed the first dike, A154 and the A154 North, South pipes involves formally communities in an advisory capacity in monitoring. These pipes are located de Gras in shallow waters of Lac. These commitments are formalized in the Diavik Socio-Economic. The Web is a service of the Foundation for Technology and Science.

1879The Edmonton International Street Performer's Festival takes place in mid-July.
1890Twelve tornadoes had been recorded between 1890 in Edmonton.
1891Edmonton established in 1891.
1892The city was founded in 1892.
1902The power company was bought in 1902 by the Town of Edmonton.
1903The Journal established in 1903.
1904Edmonton was incorporated as a city as a town.
1913The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra has existed since 1913 under various incarnations.
1927Edmonton began broadcasting music in 1927.
1929Labour representation become a near-majority during the Great Depression in 1929.
1950sThe brigade had existed since the 1950s in Calgary.
1984The Telus World of Science opened in 1984.
1990sEdmonton experienced a decrease in the 1990s in crime.
1997The Francis Winspear Centre was opened after years of planning in 1997.
2000sEdmonton experienced a decrease in the 1990s in crime.
2006The Edmonton census was second between 2006 to the Calgary CMA.
2007Edmonton was named cultural capital of Canada in 2007.
2011The Edmonton population centre had in 2011.
2013The Edmonton census had in 2013 in the 2011 Census.
2016The city had in 2016.
2020Edmonton is expanding also by 2020 the LRT to Mill Woods.

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