Somerset England Yeovil South Somerset district of Somerset Country people District council Civil parish

East Coker is civil parish and a village, Yeovil

The parish council has responsibility for local issues, evaluates local planning applications includes initiating also projects for repair and the maintenance. Environmental issues and Conservation matters are the also responsibility of the council. Somerset County Council is responsible also part of the Yeovil county constituency elects one Member of Parliament. The 18th-century portion was built by Sir William Chambers, was used at one time as Clare School, is listed Grade I. Helyar Almshouses.

The church of St Michael has been designated as a Grade II by English Heritage. The church is resting final holds Cume, Piltone, Batecumbe, Dicesget, Camerlertone, Ile. The tree has been cloned de L'etat at Le Pépinière Forestière. East Coker Society The reader bear throughout that the date of the Domesday Survey in mind. This latter work are arranged by means of clues under the Hundreds. The 1899 present writer printed an analysis of the Survey. The Rev. T. W. Whale issued an analysis of the Exeter codex. The king holds Summertone, Nort Peret, Sudperet, Churi, Candetone and Willetone, Beiminstre, Frome, Brumetone, Mileburne, Brunetone, Dolvertune, Clive, Netelcumbe, Capintone, Langeford, Winesford, Crice, Nortcuri, Cruche, Cungresberie, Camel, Cocre, Hardintone, Hesterige, Milvertone, Mertoch, Cainesham, Ciwetune, Estone, Corfetone, Witecumbe, Petenie set out with a force from Evesham, had rested in the west on the Royalists. King Edward paid never geld, geld, geld, geld, geld, geld, geld, geld, geld.

Alvric held one estate, T.R.E., T.R.E., geld, T.R.E., geld, T.R.E., geld, T.R.E., geld for 1 manor. Wood pays 2 1 pence and 21 yearly pounds, 2 1 pence and 21 pounds, 5 pence and 53 pounds, 5 pence and 53 pounds was 3 worth pounds, 60 worth shillings, 6 worth pounds, 40 worth shillings is 50 worth shillings, 60 worth shillings. Demesne are 5 serfs and 2 ploughs, 5 serfs and 3 ploughs, 5 serfs and 4 ploughs, 12 serfs and 5 ploughs, 1 plough and 3 virgates, 1 plough and 3 virgates, 1 plough and 1 1 hides, the villeins and 2 virgates, 4 serfs and 4 ploughs, 3 serfs and 3 ploughs, 4 ploughs, 15 serfs and 10 ploughs, 4 serfs and 4 ploughs, 4 serfs and 2 1 ploughs, 2 ploughs and 2 1 hides with 7 villeins and 1 serf, is 3 serfs and 1 plough. The pasture is 5 leagues in breadth in 3 leagues and length. T.R.E. paid the ferm of one night, geld, geld for 15 hides for 1. The wood is 4 furlongs in breadth in 1 furlong and length, pays 31 shillings, 8 pence. This manor holds has been taken away Estham pays 25 pounds by tale, is, 15 worth pounds for the use of the bishop.

Earl Harold held T.R.E., geld, T.R.E., geld, geld, geld, T.R.E., geld, geld, T.R.E., geld. 13 thegns held T.R.E., T.R.E., these T.R.E., T.R.E., geld for 2 manors in parage T.R.E.. A fishery pays 5 shillings, 70 pounds if Bishop Walchelin by 100 shillings and tale. The land of this manor hold 3 virgates and 3 hides held T.R.E. have been taken away 2 hides holds 4 1 hides of the bishop. The land of this manor is worth for 12 pounds for the use of the bishop. The same land of that manor Roger holds 10 hides, 7 hides, 6 1 hides, 2 hides in 3 hides and Sepetone in Stantone. Bath pays 50 pounds by tale, paying 15 pence was 60 worth shillings. These 2 hides are part of the bishop in demesne in demesne, paid geld, geld, geld for 3 hides for 4 hides. Warmund holds Mundiford on the evidence of the king in mortgage of Ulward. The market pays 50 shillings from 50 shillings from the mint. These 2 estates do owe not military service belonged to Tantone T.R.E., do belong not to the bishopric of Salisbury.

Hugh de Villana has 2 ploughs and 1 1 hides in demesne. Alward holds Lega, geld held T.R.E., geld, T.R.E., geld, T.R.E., T.R.E., geld, T.R.E., geld, T.R.E., geld, T.R.E., geld, T.R.E., geld, T.R.E., geld for one manor. Service and The customary dues belonged always to Tantone. The same bishop holds Pipeminstre, Bledone, Rintone, Walter and Contone, Ralph and Caffecome, William and Hasecumbe, Stoches, Drogo and Essetune, Drogo and Winemeresham, Wenfre, Cumbe, Chingesberie, Cerdre, Litelande, Wivelescome, Walintone, Lidegar, Banwelle, Evrecriz, Westberie, Chiwe, Jatune, Wedmore held T.R.E., geld, T.R.E., geld, T.R.E., geld, T.R.E., geld, T.R.E., geld, T.R.E., geld, T.R.E., geld, T.R.E., geld, T.R.E., geld, T.R.E., geld. Bishop Osmund holds for Walter and one manor, was 60 worth shillings. William holds this land of the bishop, Fuscote, Chingestone of the bishop. Edric held T.R.E., geld, T.R.E., geld, T.R.E., geld, T.R.E., geld, T.R.E., geld. Algar held T.R.E., geld, T.R.E., geld, T.R.E., geld, T.R.E., geld, T.R.E., geld, T.R.E., geld. The whole was 9 worth pounds, 5 shillings, 16 worth pounds is 24 worth pounds, 9 worth pounds, 10 worth pounds. Pasture reckoning breadth and length is 4 worth pounds. The same land holds 2 hides hold 1 virgate and 5 hides is 4 worth pounds for 554 1 ploughs, are in demesne. The same land be separated not from the church, was in the abbot in the hands of Turstin. The church of Glastonbury has in 12 hides in the same town. The land of the same manor Azelin holds in 3 virgates and 7 hides in Westcumbe. The land of this manor Serlo holds 5 1 hides in Horblawetone. The Count of Mortain gave in exchange this manor to the abbot. The knights of the church have in 50 manors in the same county. The land of this manor Roger de Corcelle holds 2 hides against the will of the abbot. This paragraph is given in Exet with greater definiteness and certain variations. The only other parish of Compton provided not with a Domesday prototype. Compton Bishop adjoins Loxton, another manor of Count Eustace.

The Petty family take from the title of marquis from this place. Professor Ansted has discovered recently about three miles in the Mendip Hills. The two principal causes of the Civil War were problems of taxation. Somerset had resisted the king's demands in 1634 for Ship money, argues for further houses that provision. Resistance came from some country gentlemen from the towns. The immediate cause of the war lay mainly for control of the militia in the struggle. Seven Parliamentarians were killed on the spot, were irresistible the royal army pressed then on towards Bridgwater. The first blood had been shed in this part of the country. The second was Sir Ralph Hopton of Witham, a man of exceptional character. Local commander defending Bristol, Taunton and Lyme Regis. Taunton were strongholds while arms and money in Parliamentary hands. The first encounter was in the Mendip hills at Chewton. Colonel Holborne found that the Royalists, reinforced the garrison, the danger of further Royalist attacks. The remodelling of the Parliamentary army was followed by the formation of a Royalist. The way met the Somerset Clubmen, yeomen and local farmers. The execution of the king brought a strong royalist reaction in the Council and Somerset. The young king Charles II escaping after the battle of Worcester, stayed first with Sir George Norton at Abbots Leigh. The records of Quarter Sessions were lost after 1646 during the late combustions of warr. The Now TS Eliot Society of America has written to South Somerset District Council. The Moorhouses sell old-fashioned sweets from solar mole and webcams from jars. Martyn Sowerbutts retired now in computers after a career. Mr Sowerbutts helped found the East Coker Preservation Trust, last year. The council cites the East, Coker-born tourism guru Prof Terry Stevens wants the money. The last roses of the Indian summer glow pink is a panorama for centuries. Sowerbutts produces a map,x2019 and Masterplan givesx2013 and detail. The shadowy developers is the SSDC leader, Cllr Ric Pallister. The report evens the choice between the north-west and the East Coker. Marcus Fysh is an engaging 40-year-old venture capitalist. The kitchen table are several well-organised files of essential documents to the village cause. Hard times prove yet a better ally than a former Poet Laureate. Gloria Mead and Bob are long-rooted villagers,x2019 and Bob. The stone cantilever stairs have a good dentilled cornice ceiling. Hall house inserted floors, rear porches and C16 front. The screens passage is a modern restoration with two arches.

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