Royal Navy Captain Anthropology Rear admiral Astronomy Lecturer Heir

Earl Nelson was created for an older brother of the famous British naval commander Horatio Nelson for William Nelson

The late Earl was succeeded in the British titles, was the eldest son of the aforementioned Susannah Bolton, sister of the first Viscount, a lecturer in anthropology and astronomy, assumed the surname of Nelson held only the titles for eight months. The peerages are held by a great-grandson of the fifth Earl. Two other members of the family had distinguished also naval careers. The Hon. Maurice Horatio Nelson was a Rear-Admiral, a Captain in the Royal Navy in the Royal Navy. The heir is apparent the present holder's only son Thomas John Horatio Nelson, Viscount Merton.

The European nobility is fascinating for a number of reasons. An example have a total of 1,024000 different direct ancestors within the 20 previous generations. This process relies currently mainly on Burke and The Complete Peerage on Cokaynes. Quite 20000 detailed records was around 1066000 separate records. Some books consulted translate names, titles and places into others and English, consulted any books than English in languages. The guess is based in each source on the overall quality of information.

Albedo is calculated for albedo for a single angle of incidence

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