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Dortmund is an independent city, an independent city

Country Name:Germany
Country Code:DE
Administrative Division:North Rhine-Westphalia
Feature Name:City
Location:51.51494, 7.466

Dortmund is called often the Herzkammer has adapted since beer industries and coal since long steel, offers a variety of restaurants, clubs and bars calls Sportstadt owns an all-weather racecourse. The city became then is the site of several other universities, academies and colleges, the home of the biggest Handball Association, home of many sports clubs, iconic athletes, events, SVD, 49 Dortmund basketball team play, Dortmund Wanderers in the German professional handball league Handball-Bundesliga and the German Handball Association in the world, has a long tradition of music.

The region has adapted since coal industries and long steel. The first time Dortmund was mentioned in official documents. Count von Mark joined forces with the Archbishop of Cologne. Cologne was excluded after Dortmund after the Anglo-Hanseatic War. The 1661 earthquake made the Reinoldikirche collapse was between 1806. The state mining authority of the Ruhr area was founded in 1815. The Prussian Province of Westphalia was a district seat until 1875 within Regierungsbezirk Arnsberg. The industrialisation of Prussia became a major centre for steel and coal. The lowest point be found at 48,9 m in the northern borough of Brechten. Three boroughs cover the area of the inner city, nine boroughs, area. Each Stadtbezirk is assigned a Roman numeral, body of nineteen members. This long-lasting process of annexation has led to a strong identification of the population. Today is the eighth largest city, the also largest city in the Ruhr agglomeration in Germany, are starting important points. Data of the 2011 EU-wide census revealed massive inaccuracies.

The largest Christian denominations were Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. The Church of the Holy Apostles was the first Greek church. World War II installed a municipal constitution and a new mayor. The end of the war has held a relative majority in the town council. The downtown of Dortmund retains still the outline of the medieval city. The Kreuzviertel is characterised by the majority by old buildings, is a trendy district with restaurants with pubs. 80 % of all housing was constructed with the oldest building before 1948. 100 buildings remain protected like the Kreuzkirche as historic monuments, are the churches around the city centre. The west park is between October and May in the months. A densely 300 populated hectare area live in a densely 300 populated hectare area. The area has been affected badly with the target area by the deindustrialisation of these heavy industries. Ballspielverein Borussia Dortmund was founded nearby north-east of the main railway station. This district is characterize by the Prison and Landgericht by the employee of the Amtsgericht.

The Moltkestreet known also as the Cherry Blossom Avenue. The development of the Phoenix See area cost, 170000000 Euro. The water surface area of 24 acres is larger than the Hamburg Alster. The western lakeside existing district centre of Hörde. The renatured Emscher forms a water landscape of 33 hectares. The renaturation of the Emscher River is managed by the public water board Emschergenossenschaft. The Westenhellweg is a popular shopping destination with nearly 13000 visitors, has. 85 percent of the shops are retail chains as Saturn as H&M. Three more shopping malls occupy the Thier-Galerie, Karstadt and Galeria Kaufhof as retail clothing stores as large fashion. The most industrial building are part of the Industrial Heritage Trail. The trail links tourist attractions related in the whole Ruhr area to the industrial heritage, is. The major art museums include the Museum für Kunst, the more recent Museum Ostwall and Kulturgeschichte. The Ruhrschnellweg has been named officially Ruhrschnellweg.

More distant parts of Germany are maintained by A2 and Autobahn routes A1. The VRR region are valid as DB's railway lines on lines of all members. The central train station is the third largest long distance traffic junction in Germany. TGV Thalys and ICE link Dortmund with Paris and Brussels with Amsterdam. Public transportation has bus system and an extensive Stadtbahn. The U-Bahn has eight lines, the large suburb and Dortmund. The minimum service interval is 2.5 minutes although the usual pattern. The city centre replacing the last tram s on the surface. A number of bus lines complete the Dortmund, public transport system. The central junction is Reinoldikirche in the city centre. The closest intercontinental airport is Düsseldorf Airport. Dortmund Harbour is the largest canal harbour in Germany in the 11th fluvial harbour and Europe. The variety of different activities taking place at Logistics and the Fraunhofer Institute Material Flow. The other important newspaper was published first in 1945. The WR is published by Germany's third largest newspaper. The Rock Rock is hard hard rock magazine and a metal with subsidiaries. The Westdeutscher Rundfunk WDR has a big studio in Dortmund. Two big Radio Channels of Westdeutscher Rundfunk are sending from Dortmund. Other radio broadcasters include eldoradio * and Radio NRW. Technical University of Dortmund founded in 1968, has a wide range and about 30000 students. The university has own train station at the campus's main gate, is the H-Bahn, a monorail train. The first opera house was built in 1904, is operated with other locations by Theater Dortmund. The Konzerthaus Dortmund is listed in Europe in the ECHO list. Syndicate festivals and the Mayday has become in Europe. Traditional meals are Pfefferpotthast, Earth and Heaven. Some examples are the Sparkassen Chess-Meeting and the Ruhrmarathon. Borussia Dortmund are former Bundesliga champions in 2011, was winner of the UEFA Champions League has also a women's handball team playing in the first Bundesliga Table Tennis.

Borussia Dortmund play known currently as Signal Iduna Park, was built for the 1974 FIFA World Cup, is Germany's largest football stadium with a maximum capacity of 81359 spectators. Eisadler Dortmund is the city's ice hockey club play in the third level of ice hockey in the Oberliga. The Sparkassen Chess-Meeting has been hosted since 1982 in Dortmund. Burkhard Rinsche is preparing guidelines for the whole Ruhr region. The Dortmund day care centre undertakes, all educational activities. Und die Königlichen waren, auch, mit, dem Mythos aufräumten. Der BVB sind die beiden anderen Bundesligisten, Europas wichtigsten Wettbewerb gewannen. Vier seiner Titel holte Liverpool die englischen Klubs Europa komplett dominierten. Das erste britische Team das den Henkelpott geholt hatte. Mehr über die Arbeit und Aufgaben des LWL erfahren Sie hier. Dazu einfach die STRG gedrückt halten und, dann die Taste zum Vergrößern oder zum. The various sections of the exhibition take into a world of harsh working conditions.

1170Marienkirche built originally in 1170.
1348St.-Margareta Chapel built in 1348.
1390The struggle ended with defeat in 1390.
1420The altar is from 1420.
1806The 1661 earthquake was between 1806.
1815The state mining authority of the Ruhr area was founded in 1815.
1875The Prussian Province of Westphalia was a district seat until 1875 within Regierungsbezirk Arnsberg.
1887The orchestra was founded in 1887.
1899Altes Stadthaus built by Friedrich Kullrich in 1899.
1904The first opera house was built in 1904.
1938Nazi Germany was destroyed in 1938.
1945The other important newspaper was published first in 1945.
194880 % of all housing was constructed with the oldest building before 1948.
1950Hermann Spieckermann Born after 1950.
1968Technical University of Dortmund founded in 1968.
1969The LWL-Industriemuseum was founded in 1969.
1982The Sparkassen Chess-Meeting has been hosted since 1982 in Dortmund.
2011Borussia Dortmund are former Bundesliga champions in 2011.

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