Manner Typography

Document is written representation of thought

Document: Representation, Letter, Writing, Articles Of Incorporation, Ballot, Brevet, Capitualtion, Certificate, Charter, Commercial Document, Confession, Copyright, Enclosure, Form, Legal Document, Papyrus, Patent, Platform, Resignation, Resolution, Source, Specification, Voucher, Report, Computer File, Web Page, ASCII Text File, Communication, Letter Of Credit, Debt Instrument, Quittance, Record, Confirm, Source, Record

The appearance of the document is the generally responsibility of a graphic designer. Information design concerns the effective communication of information in public signs and industrial documents. Historically were inscribed on parchment and papyrus with ink. Parchment and The papyrus was rolled often into a scroll. Digital documents require usually a specific file format.

Chemical thermodynamics is the establishment of a criterion

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