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Diocese of Exeter is a Church of England diocese, the county of Devon

The whole village was invited in the village square to the celebrations. Rev John Luscombe curate Steve Jones are raising funds. Originally Devonshire formed became the separate Bishopric of Sherborne in 900. The present cathedral was begun in 1112 by Bishop William de Warelhurst, was dedicated to the arms and St. Peter. This Norman building was completed at the close of the twelfth century by Bishop Marshall. The special features of the cathedral are the choir and the transeptal towers. The bishops of Exeter enjoyed always considerable independence.

YearDiocese of Exeter
1112The present cathedral was begun in 1112 by Bishop William de Warelhurst.
1551Vesey held see until 1551.
1554The accession of Mary died in prison in 1554.
1876The diocese remained unchanged until 1876.
1897The See of Crediton was created in 1897.

Archbishop of Canterbury is principal leader and the senior bishop, a also president of Churches

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