Datong, Yilan is a mountain, indigenous township

Datong, Yilan
Country Name:Taiwan
Country Code:TW
Administrative Division:Taiwan
Feature Name:City
Location:25.00932, 121.14195

Rainfall part is mostly except for the rainfall except for minor differences. The soil texture differentiate is three big types, the flats part, the loam. The native village road system according the road function. The Ta Ping Peak forest amusement area path :, the Ta, village, Tai-seven first line Chiah Yuan bridge, road. This present village population total is only only 68 people of twenty five households. Therefore native village industry activity take forestry management and farming as main source of income.

Many years is planted broadly the areca because the childbirth time. Two areas agriculture management condition view like agricultural developments. The original resident and The forestry promotion retain maintenance, the place. Mineral resource has been situated to the original resident. The slack farming season population that Nan Shan that The Szu Chi. God's village is a typical agricultural village, few people and greatly ground, the tribe.

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