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Court is a tribunal

Court: Deference, Yard, Atrium, Bailey, Cloister, Forecourt, Parvis, Playing Field, Badminton Court, Basketball Court, Handball Court, Squash Court, Tennis Court, Volleyball Court, Room, Residence, Hotel, Motel, Government, Court Of Saint James's, Porte, Cortege, Assembly, International Court Of Justice, Appellate Court, Assizes, Chancery, Consistory, Criminal Court, Divorce Court, Family Court, Federal Court, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, Inferior Court, Inquisition, Juvenile Court, Kangaroo Court, Military Court, Moot Court, Police Court, Probate Court, Quarter Sessions, Rota, Star Chamber, Superior Court, Supreme Court, Traffic Court, Trial Court, Tennis Player, Act, Chase, Display, Act

Trial courts conduct trials as the finders of fact with juries. Juries are less common outside the Anglo-American in court systems. Some courts have appellate jurisdictions and both trial. The two major legal traditions of the western world are the common law courts and the civil law courts. Civil law courts are based profoundly upon a specifically civil body of law upon Roman Law, were established by royal judges of the King by English. This theory of civil law was rediscovered around the end of the eleventh century.

This legal tradition is practiced in American legal systems and the English. Most civil law jurisdictions function under an inquisitorial system. Example based in The Kingdom of The Netherlands in The Hague. English is the indisputably language of global business. Commercial contracts are drafted frequently in parties in English. The Netherlands are an also ideal forum for litigation, is little known that Dutch court judgments. Arbitration has become an extremely popular method of dispute resolution for a number of reasons in international commercial matters. Dutch court judgments are easily enforceable in over 30 other jurisdictions. The Netherlands Commercial Court has come one step to fruition. The strong political support is apparent with Christian Democrat Madeleine van Toorenburg MP.

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