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Cordillera Blanca is a mountain range, the most extensive tropical ice-covered mountain range

Fauna and Flora are adapted to elevational range and climate. Most plant species have pubescent leaves, an adaptation. 120 bird species have been reported from Huascarán National Park. Summitpost page Lists for the Andes, is part of the Cordillera Occidental. The highest peak rises to 5727 m asl to an elevation of 6768 m asl, reaches 5480 m asl is Cerro Yerupaja, the Nevado Alcoy, the Nevado Cotoni, Nevado Palomo, the Nevado Huaychahui, the Nevado Mismi, the Nevado Coropuna, Nevado Chachani at 5780 m asl at an elevation of 6634 m asl.

The rest are classified except for one ice cap as valley glaciers. The great bend of the Río Santa valley marks broadly the northern extremity of the Cordillera Blanca. The gross physiography of the area is dominated as Blanca and the Cordilleras Negra by this deep valley. Two tributaries of Río Santa bound the complex glacier system of the Nevados Pucahirca. This area are the mountain includes Ranrapalca and the Nevados Ocshapalca drains by Río Huaura and Río Pativilca into the Pacific Ocean, lies entirely within the Pacific Ocean drainage. This area covered by glaciers. The Río Ulta and The Quebrada Llanganuco bound the Huascarán massif. The range drains westward into the Pacific Ocean and Río Pativilca, extends for about 140 km in an easterly direction. Drainage is westward by Río Huaura into the Pacific Ocean. Glaciers are most prevalent mostly mountain glaciers in two areas. The Cordillera is glacierized mountain range within the Cordillera Occidental.

The base of Nevado Quehuisha has origin in the Río Apurimac. The cordillera drains through Río Vitor and Río Tambo into the Pacific Ocean. The Cordillera del Barroso is in the Cordillera Occidental. Volcán Tutupaca is the highest peak at 5741 m asl.

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