Liège Belgian mathematician Catalan Geometry

Constantin Le Paige was a Belgian mathematician

The Germans took control of Liège, demands of the University. Germinal Dandelin was professor of mining engineering, Jean-Baptiste Brasseur at Liège. Geometry worked on a topic on the theory of algebraic forms. H L L Busard coordinated the extensions was the construction of a cubic surface. The construction of a cubic surface given by three groups of three points by a straight line. The history of mathematics was another topic, publication. The same year became corresponding foreign member of the Accademia Pontificia was elected in 1883, became in 1886.

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YearConstantin Le Paige
1869Liège began studying mathematics at the University of Liège in 1869.
1883The same year was elected in 1883.
1884Catalan retired in 1884.
1886The same year became in 1886.
1910Neuberg retired in 1910.
1914Belgium declared in 1914.

Calculus is the mathematical study of continuous change, a part of modern mathematics education

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