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Columbia, Missouri is a city, the county seat of Boone County

Columbia, Missouri: University, Town, State Capital, Town, River
Columbia, Missouri
Country Name:United States
Country Code:US
Administrative Division:Missouri
Feature Name:City
Location:38.95171, -92.33407

Columbia began as Smithton, was helped also by the Boone's Lick Road, had slavery and a southern overtone. A midwestern college town has a reputation for powerful journalism and public art for progressive politics. An Originally agricultural town is Columbia's chief economic concern today. A Never major center of manufacturing depends also on technology businesses and insurance on healthcare. The city is built upon the forested hills, opened the Columbia Regional Airport was expecting upwards of 400000 tourists is, between the Northern Plains and the Ozark Plateau near the Missouri River.

The city slopes generally from the highest point, lies around downtown in a ring, was spread out with 19.7 % with 18.8 % of residents, has 4 television channels and 14 radio stations, three institutions of higher education operates four public high schools. The city is served also at the Columbia Regional Airport by American Airlines. Glades and Limestone forms bluffs carves springs and caves. Missouria nations and The Osage were expelled by the exploration of French traders. The Boone's Lick Trail hailed from especially Virginia from the slave-owning culture of the Upland South. The modern populace is unusually diverse over eight percent foreign-born. Black and White remain the largest ethnicities, Asians. The Columbia area was once part of the Mississippian culture. Clark Expedition and The Lewis passed on the Missouri River by the area. Two sons of Daniel Boone established a salt lick of Columbia. A group of settlers incorporated under the Smithton Land Company. Soon other educational institutions were founded as Christian Female College in Columbia.

No battles were fought because the presence of Union troops within the city. The insurance industry became also important as several companies to the local economy, began with local businessmen. State Farm Insurance has a regional office in Columbia. The latter 20th century saw tremendous growth by the 2000 population. The downtown district has maintained status as a cultural center. Riparian areas are forested with mainly American sycamore. Prominent tributaries of the river are Perche Creek, Flat Branch Creek and Hinkson Creek. These creeks are largely responsible for numerous stream valleys. Eastern are abundant as the nocturnal opossum and cottontail rabbits. Populations of bald eagles are found by the Missouri River. Frogs are found commonly after extensive wet periods in the springtime. Some years have outbreaks of cicada s have seen a large number of high-rise apartment complexes. The David R. Francis Quadrangle is an example of Thomas Jefferson. Downtown Columbia is an area of approximately one square mile.

The city government recognizes 63 neighborhood associations. The population density was 1,592.8 people per square mile. The gender makeup of the city was 51.7 % female and 48.3 % male. Jobs are also common in Jefferson City in a half-hour south and Columbia. The University of Missouri is the not only educational institution by the far city's largest employer, was founded as the first state university west of the Mississippi River in 1839, became the first state university west of the Mississippi River. Other organizations include MFA Incorporated, MFA Oil and the Missouri State High School Activities Association. Libraries include the Columbia Public Library, the University of Missouri Libraries in the State and Ellis Library with over three million volumes. The University Concert Series includes regularly dancers and popular musicians in Jesse Hall from various genres. The indie band White Rabbits was formed while the members. Musical artists have been compiled with the ComoMusic Anthology series by Painfully Midwestern Records.

Country music singer-songwriter Brett James is a also native of Columbia. The sign is displayed now at the downtown location of Shakespeare. Mizzou Arena and The Hearnes Center are event venues and two other large sport, the home arena. Kansas City and St. Louis have often allegiances to the professional sports teams. The Missourian is directed by professional editors, publishes the weekly city magazine, Vox. The now-defunct Prysms Weekly was published also in Columbia. The entirely student-run news organization airs a daily newscast. The Education Access channel is managed as a function of the Columbia Public Schools Community Relations Department by Columbia Public Schools. Chief executive authority is invested in a city manager. The principal law enforcement agency is the Columbia Police Department with the Columbia Fire Department. The Public Service Joint Communications Center coordinates efforts as the Boone County Fire Protection District between the two organizations. The population supports generally progressive causes as the extensive city. The new health plan extends also health benefits to unmarried heterosexual domestic partners of city employees. The district enrolls over 17000 students, is in attendance percentage above the state average. Columbia College offers evening classes and day has been helping students. The Columbia Transit provides para-transit service and public bus. The system is experiencing constantly growth in technology and service. Buses operate Monday from 6:25 through Saturday, do operate not on Sunday. Rail service is provided by the city-owned Columbia Terminal Railroad. The University of Missouri Health Care operates three hospitals in Columbia. Boone Hospital Center is administered by BJC Healthcare. The University of Missouri Research Reactor Center is the largest research reactor in the United States. The center serves in Drug Administration and two U.S. Food as the sole supplier of the active ingredients. Drinks flowed all night, the iconic Weezer-esque box-framed glasses, the stage.

Columbia-area historical earthquake activity is 76 % than the overall U.S. average near Missouri state average. Graphs represent county-level data, Current Operations. NACo collects information as county officials on counties. The majority of Columbians chose the side of the Union with some slave holders. The end of the Civil War changed the political scene in Columbia. This institution was a not gift to Columbia, out-pledged six other counties. Citizen support was reported that local citizens in 1910. Christian Female College chartered by a state legislature west of the Mississippi, became later Christian College in 1969, was the first women's college west. The acquisition of a medical school added as a regional medical center to Columbia's reputation. Other notable industries include banking, publishing and construction. The same year assumed for all citizens, received this scholarship along with one full-ride scholarship. Though Columbia College has retained a covenant with the Christian Church. The number of students receiving Excellence awards and Curators.

YearColumbia, Missouri
1822The medical profession has grown immensely since 1822.
1830The first newspaper appeared in 1830.
1833The first school was opened in 1833.
1839The University of Missouri was founded as the first state university west of the Mississippi River in 1839.
1856Columbia Baptist opened in 1856.
1870The university had a single campus until 1870.
1910Citizen support was reported that local citizens in 1910.
1969Christian Female College became later Christian College in 1969.
2000Commutes are also common in 2000.
2007Blues-rock trio was formed in 2007 in Columbia.

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