Clayoquot Sound Central Region Board was created in 1994 as a result of the historic two-year Interim Measures Agreement

The CRB maintained an office on the Itatsoo Reserve in the Central Region Chiefs Administrative Building, serves between the BC government as a link, ensures that local perspectives and First Nations. Land-use planning and resource management make recommendations to the Parties. The NTC did have not direct dealings and any formal relationships with CRMB and CRB with the NEDC. The Central Region Chiefs did control not the CRB, representatives. The non-First Nations representatives reported to the province.

The board had members as provincial representatives from each nation. The Interim Measures Agreement was extended a total of six times since 1994. Trevor Jones heads up the Ucluelet First Nation's Ucluth Development Corporation, the First Nation's economic development organization said the work of the five central region nations. Former provincial board members were not available for comment. © Tofino Ucluelet Westerly The Board receives plans with the responsibility from ministries and BC agencies. Clayoquot Sound is located in the world within the largest continuous tract of coastal temperate rainforest. British Columbia has the largest percentage of coastal temperate rainforest as a relatively large proportion of development. Ecotrust Canada has learned a tremendous amount from the local First Nations researchers, learned in First Nations that the governance structures. This report is a work in that the First Nations in progress.

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