Peru Ancash Region of Peru Urbanized area Bus terminal Largest city Small fishing port

Chimbote is the largest city, the largest fishing port

Country Name:Peru
Country Code:PE
Administrative Division:Ancash
Feature Name:City
Location:-9.08528, -78.57833

The advantages of this geographic location made Chimbote for the Santa River valley into a transshipment junction. The opening of the Pan-American Highway created in the 1930s easy access to Lima. The government created the Corporación Peruana del Santa. The first stage of the power station was inaugurated in 1958. The first companies dedicated from the Pacific bonito fish to the extraction of liver. A large number of people migrated in the early 1970s to Chimbote. Peru were privatized the Peruvian-Brazilian company Acerco.

The 1970s affected drastically restrictions and the fishing industry. The fish canning industry declined the industrialization of anchoveta fishing. Addition was a natural exit channel for the exports of the Santa valley. The Peruvian anchoveta boom created wealth in the city. An earthquake damaged to the facilities of the fishing industries. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh raised funds through the Chimbote Foundation for the Chimbote Mission. Patronal feast of San Pedrito has origins with the first fishermen in the 16th century. The central feast day is on the image of the saint on 29 June. El Chimbador Bus Terminal is Chimbote's primary ground transportation facility. The bus terminal has become a vital connection for visitors and travelers for the region's workers.

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