2009 City Cover Metropolitan area Plan

Chiclayo is the principal city of the Lambayeque region, 13 located kilometers

Country Name:Peru
Country Code:PE
Administrative Division:Lambayeque
Feature Name:City
Location:-6.77137, -79.84088

The city was founded near the Northern Wari ruins near an important prehistoric archaeological site. Another version claims that the city that around the time. Some towns squashes are known as evidence as chiclayos. The coat of arms summarizes important features of the province as the one. This civilization developed a broad knowledge of hydraulic engineering produced surpluses disappeared as a result of disasters. The culture was characterized in the manufacture of ornamental objects by intensive use of copper, existed between 700, formed towards the end of the Moche civilization.

The Mochicans produced ceramics with elaborate designs, were famous for huaco-portraits. The Sican excelled in navigation and jewelry in architecture. The early 16th century was inhabited by two ethnic groups. The chieftains of these ethnic groups donated for the construction of a Franciscan convent. The Peruvian War of Independence supported General José with soldiers de San Martín's liberating army. 15 April 1835 was proclaimed a city by then-president Felipe Santiago Salaverry. The mayor is elected democratically for a period of four years. Each district has also a mayor, a population, 12156 inhabitants. Three other districts are peripheral to the central city. The metropolitan area comprises the six districts of Chiclayo, adjacent areas and central Chiclayo, the provincial capital of Lambayeque is the Chaparrí Ecological Reserve. The city of Chiclayo is located humid near the Equator in a tropical zone. FAP José A. Quiñones Gonzales International Airport is the main airport, Chiclayo, metropolitan area is run by a private airport operator by ADP.

These interprovincial buses contribute to the congestion. The 2020 San Jose district belonging to the Lambayeque Province. The following is a list of the universities, a list of museums in the area. The department of Lambayeque is was home to the ancient civilization of the Moche, boasts in Peru. Elegant building construction was Republican style with large windows, was destroyed by a fire. No services has no branches, investment plan and priority. Augusto Bernardino Legui'a Salcedo was a Peruvian politician. Óscar Luis Castañeda Lossio is politician and a Peruvian lawyer, president and founder. The particular lateral part of the municipality respecting the original design. Yehuda Simon Munaro is a veterinarian, politician and Peruvian sociologist. Magaly del Rocio Rivasplata Viviana Aita is an American model, Peruvian businesswoman and beauty queen was elected Miss Peru in 2001. Angel Javier Velásquez is a lawyer, Peruvian politician and constitutionalist. APRA member representing the constituency of Lambayeque since 1995, was the Prime Minister of Peru.

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