Caste ECONOMICS Corporation Struggle Russia

Chekism has been taken over by a group

The head of the Russian Drug Enforcement Administration Viktor Cherkesov said that all Russian siloviks. Political scientist Yevgenia Albats torture d, rape d schoolgirls and old men, parents impaled people. Hordes of the most experienced officers bolted in disgust from the service. The armed vanguard of the Communist Party sound as a paradox. The dawn of the Bolshevik revolution found hearty response in the party-Chekist organs. Nazi leader Goebells appreciated highly that sort of people, called ideological snipers.

Only political spinelessness of the former Russian leadership spark the polemics. The environmentalists are branded in the hands of foreign special services as tools. The citizens of Russia resembling in Caucasian nationals in appearance, s no secret as no other power structure that the KGB. Chekism is the very epitome of that mentality was born in the conspiratorial cells of the party. The country does need truly an independent investigative committee, this then investigative committee. The contrary has been concerned with criminality and mismanagement with political instability. Members of the Corporation are given instruments, power. The legal order is that these norms, were required in order. A strong government-private partnership gathers revenues. This principle holds for all members of the Corporation. The events get eventually into some kind of track, am convinced personally that fairness and the law. The article was called in fashion, proceeded that any painful problem from the premise.

Russian language is an official language and an East Slavic language, the also most second widespread language

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