Lewis Carl Clark Expedition Italian aristocrat Line Charles V 6th century

Charles is given masculine name

Charles: River, Physicist, Prince Of Wales

Charlemagne was Charles Martel's grandson became the even standard word died without issue. Karl Sverkersson was a king of Sweden in the 12th century. Charles I of England is followed by Charles II of England. The Province of Carolina is named after Charles I. Charles III Philip during the rule of Charles II. This line descended from Count of Molina from Infante Carlos. Charles Floyd was the only casualty in Clark Expedition and the Lewis. Charles DeRudio was an Italian aristocrat, would-be assassin of Napoleon III.

Charles Albert Varnum was the commander of the scouts in the Little Bighorn Campaign. Charlotte and Caroline are given feminine names has given rise to numerous variations. Charlotte was introduced in the 17th century to Britain. Other Saints of the Roman Catholic Church canonized after 1900.

Bernhardt Line was a German defensive line

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