Channel used for interprocess communication

Channel: Marketing, Passage, Gutter, Limbers, Television Station, Passage, Pore, Spinal Canal, Ductule, Canaliculus, Canal Of Schlemm, Venous Sinus, Lacrimal Duct, Nasolacrimal Duct, Haversian Canal, Hepatic Duct, Inguinal Canal, Common Bile Duct, Pancreatic Duct, Lymph Vessel, Salivary Duct, Cerebral Aqueduct, Ureter, Urethra, Cervical Canal, Umbilical Cord, Vagina, Epididymis, Vas Deferens, Seminal Duct, Ejaculatory Duct, Cartilaginous Tube, Bronchiole, Alimentary Canal, Lactiferous Duct, Transmission, Communication, Back Channel, Lens, Liaison, Body Of Water, Harlem River, Canal, English Channel, Hampton Roads, Mozambique Channel, Rill, Strait, Tideway, Watercourse, Windward Passage, Depression, Dado, Flute, Quirk, Rabbet, Track, Rut, Stria, Washout, Move, Bring, Project, Propagate, Translate, Turn, Send, Steer, Bring, Wash Up, Pipe In, Bring In, Retransmit

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