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Central Chubut Railway was sailor Salt Limited, a then joint arrangement

The closure were used as Puerto Madryn and Trelew for other activities. These locos provided the motive power be found at the Puffing Billy railway. Trains operating still on the Esquel line, are running not as Mine. This list was compiled largely by Jorge Garreta Mendoza. Argentine government and 1922 Welsh investors seal an arrangement. Self published Brghton, the Rada Tilly line and UK Comodoro Rivadavia pier. The railway is protected as a World Heritage site, carried 1,564941 tons and 399311 passengers.

Line built in 1916 by Tucuman province government, adquired in 1910 by Central Argentino, was owned until 1930 by Commonwealth Salt Refining Co Ltd. This lines conected Port Piraqua with Colonia Baranda in Parana River. Expensive cost of bridge precluded a direct connection between lines. Http: built a large number of 760mm narrow gauge lines following site, much additional information. Currently operates frequent passenger steam excursions and freight traffic with 4090 class railcars and electric locomotives with 1099 class. This section was reopened in 1990 by a museum operation, had a couple of breaks in passenger service. Another group operates excursion trains on the OBB section Waidhofen-Lunz. Final OBB train ran in 1982 between Grunberg and Garsten. A private museum group has resumed tourist-museum service between Grunberg and Steyr Lokalbahnhof. A Basicly mining line serving Nitrate, Tin operations and Copper. Many stunning photos including railcars, lineside scenes on this French language site.

Los ferrocarriles fueron fundamentales, el, del Estado dependieron conflictos políticos objetivos eran explorar intereses de vecinal lucharon fuertemente de bus. Las mayores por primeras líneas instalaciones de han de Río Gallegos. La ley preveía también dos ferrocarril más al Norte. 1947 siendo Ministro elige Puerto Santa Cruz como lugar. Pero debido a los desniveles trenes entre Trelew y Puerto Madryn. Tambi n estaban fuentes estaba cal cerca Campamento Villegas. Sobre el ramal Rawson hab an dos o tres, por coche motor.

YearCentral Chubut Railway
1886Works began in 1886.
1910Line adquired in 1910 by Central Argentino.
1916Line built in 1916 by Tucuman province government.
1930Line was owned until 1930 by Commonwealth Salt Refining Co Ltd.
1948The 1920 company reached peak with 197936 passengers in 1948.
1949A report made in 1949.
1958The Bendals line was closed in 1958.
1969Rail tracks were dismantled finally between 1969.
1982Final OBB train ran in 1982 between Grunberg and Garsten.
1983A museum line starting in 1983.
1990This section was reopened in 1990 by a museum operation.

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