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Cegléd is a city

Country Name:Hungary
Country Code:HU
Administrative Division:Pest
Feature Name:City
Location:47.17266, 19.79952

The town features Percussion Gala and the annual Drum via train a direct connection to Budapest, has two local television channels, Cegléd TV. The 1514 György Dózsa peasant uprising was a very important hive for rebellions. The Reformation spread rapidly through the Calvinists and the town. The beginning of the 18th century supported the fight for freedom. This church was doomed by the 1834 Great Fire, was finished in 1870. The next year was started under the plans of József Hild. The 1956 revolution was governed by revolutionary forces.

The Communist regime were made priorities after these features after the fall of the regime. A shoulder of the Gödöllő hills runs along the western part of the town. Best Western Hotel Aquarell Cegled is located near the city's Thermal Bath. The church of Debrecen is bigger while the Cegléd church by square footage. The downtown stands a statue of Lajos Kossuth, the replica. The memory of Lajos Kossuth is conserved also as the so-called Kossuth's Balcony by the Kossuth Museum. The Lutheran church is built while the Catholic Church in neogothic style. The centre has a theater gives place to the Cegléd Gallery. The musical life of the town is made also colourful by Primary School by the Mihály Táncsics and the Ferenc Erkel conservatory. A highway be reached near some Northwest of Cegléd near Albertirsa. Street map Town Website Cegléd stirring words by the poet V r smarty. Cegl d gain only strength share a wonderful town and a wonderful homeland has a history is the also site of many other items.

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