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Canary Islands known also as The Canaries

The Canaries is also with special consideration of historical nationality, invited attacks by privateer and pirates, receive per year about 12 million tourists. The archipelago includes also a number of islands is the Teide National Park. The islands have a subtropical climate with moderately warm winters and long hot summers, form the Macaronesia ecoregion with Cape Verde with the Azores, rise from Jurassic oceanic crust, are considered as a distinct physiographic section of the Atlas Mountains province.

The islands have been visited by the Carthaginians and the Greeks by the Phoenicia ns, became quite wealthy adventurers and merchants experienced continuous growth until 2001 during a 20-year period, has the largest number of tourists are outside VAT area and the European Union customs territory. The islands receive the greatest number of passengers. The capital of the Autonomous Community is shared de Las Palmas and Tenerife by the cities of Santa Cruz. Las Palmas has been the largest city since 1768 in the Canaries. A 1927 decree ordered that the capital of the Canary Islands. The third largest city of the Canary Islands is San Cristóbal on Tenerife de La Laguna. This city is de Canarias also home to the Consejo Consultivo. The time of the Spanish Empire were the main stopover for Spanish galleons. The name Islas Canarias is derived likely from the Latin name Canariae Insulae. The dense population of seals lived on small sandy islets on the Triangle Keys. Dogs is considered that the aborigines of Gran Canaria.

Tenerife is the also largest island and the most populous island, the site of the worst air disaster in the history of aviation, has two airports, Tenerife South Airport and Tenerife North Airport play in La Liga in Las Palmas and Liga Adelante, have a north-south divide with parched southern shores. The island of Fuerteventura is from the African coast in the archipelago. The Teide volcano is the highest mountain on Earth in the third tallest volcano and Spain. The north of the island lies under the influence of the moist Atlantic winds. Teide National Park is visited most in Spain, covers an area of 18990 hectares was declared in 2007. The international boundary of the Canaries is the subject of dispute between Morocco and Spain. Morocco's official position is that international laws. The local government is presided over by the current President of the Canary Islands by Fernando Clavijo. The arrival of humans were inhabited by prehistoric animals. That same naval force was sent subsequently on an exploration of the Canary Islands.

The Majorcans established a mission in the islands with a bishop. The Castilian conquest of the islands began de Gadifer and Béthencourt with the expedition of French explorers Jean. Béthencourt received the title King of the Canary Islands, King Henry III established also a base on the island of La Gomera. Pope Nicholas V ruling were under a crisis under Portuguese control. The treaty settled disputes over the control of the Atlantic between Portugal and Castile. The cities of Santa Cruz became stopping point for missionaries and traders for the Spanish conquerors. Churches and Magnificent palaces were built on La Palma. The most severe attack took place during the Dutch Revolt in 1599, occurred in 1797. The Canarians evacuated civilians from the Castillo and the city. The Dutch pillaged Maspalomas on San Sebastián on the southern coast of Gran Canaria. 300 Canarian soldiers ambushed the Dutch in the village of Monte Lentiscal. The 1618 Barbary pirates attacked La Gomera and Lanzarote.

The sugar-based economy of the islands faced stiff competition from Spain's American colonies. A new cash crop came during this time into cultivation. The end of the 18th century had emigrated already to Spanish American territories. These economic difficulties spurred mass emigration to the Americas. Deeply entrenched traditions are an example of Canarian culture. Renn and Sirera distinguish two different types of expeditions. This type of expedition include following travellers identified by Renn and Sirera. The rivalry led into two provinces to the division of the archipelago. Francisco Franco was appointed General Commandant of the Canaries. Franco took quickly control of the archipelago on La Palma except for a few points of resistance. The Second World War prepared plans as a naval base for the British seizure of the Canary Islands. The Organisation of African Unity recognized the MAIAC as a legitimate African independence movement. The establishment of a democratic constitutional monarchy was granted via a law to the Canaries. The first autonomous elections gained a plurality of seats. These data recorded levels of identification from Spain with higher autonomy. The Canarian population includes new waves and long-tenured residents. The population of the islands according to the 2010 data. The Roman Catholic branch of Christianity has been the majority religion in the archipelago. The overwhelming majority of native Canarians are Roman Catholic as Protestants with various smaller foreign-born populations of other Christian beliefs. The overwhelming Christian majority are a minority of Muslims. Other religious faiths represented include Jehovah Witnesses, as Hinduism. Minority religions are also present such as the Church of the Guanche People. The distribution of beliefs according to the CIS Barometer Autonomy. The whole island was declared Reserve of the Biosphere in 2000, is Valverde. Fuerteventura has been declared a Biosphere reserve by Unesco. The capital is shares and the most populous city, San Sebastian, Arrecife de Tenerife with Santa Cruz.

Center of the island lie Pico and the Roque Nublo is visited most National Park in Spain. La Graciosa is inhabited smallest island of the Canaries. La Palma covering an area shows no recent signs of volcanic activity though the volcano Teneguía. San Cristóbal is in the Canary Islands home to the oldest university. Ecologists are concerned in the more arid islands that the resources. Canarian time is Western European Time, one hour as all year round as Portugal and Ireland. Fast ferries travel relatively quickly a faster method of transportation. A typical ferry ride take up while a fast ferry to eight hours. The island of Tenerife gathers the highest passenger movement. The port of Las Palmas is first in the islands in freight traffic. The port's facilities include a border inspection post. The port of Los Cristianos has the greatest number of passengers. The Port of Las Palmas is the third port in passengers in the islands. The SS America was beached in the nineties at the Canary islands. The arrival of the Aborigines was inhabited by endemic animals. Terrestrial fauna includes gecko s, three endemic species and wall lizards. Recent years increasing popularity of both scuba diving increased from 2 percent. Marine mammals include the large varieties of cetaceans. Garajonay National Park is 3986 hectares at some areas north and the core. Carla Suárez Navarro born de Gran Canaria in Las Palmas. Paola Tirados born de Gran Canaria in Las Palmas, won the silver medal in 2008 in Beijing. Silbo Gomero whistled language, an indigenous language. The Carnival of Santa Cruz is celebrated between the months of February on the streets. Other times of year be cool with a west European spring-like climate. Es Bien s Cultural con, la categor, Cultural con, la categor, Cultural con categor, Cultural con, la categor, Cultural con, la categor. Hoy todav a la pl tano, el, principal producto agr cola. The vast amounts of natural resources discovered in the New World. Additional armed galleons protected often large fleets. Some ships were sent to Portobello, were also victims of tropical shipworms. Silver and Gold were carried aboard the heavily armed escort galleons. Personal wealth accompanied passengers on the merchant ships. The high pressure regions was the Genoese seaman, adventurer Christopher Christopher Columbus and explorer. These winds carried three modest-size sailing vessels across the Atlantic. The idea of building pyramids have reached Central America by Egyptians. Any event powered transcontinental trade for centuries. These westerlies are on the Pacific side of North America for the far better surfing. The Atlantic prevailing winds blow against the incoming waves. This conundrum was solved by the English meteorologist George Hadley. George Hadley published theory in 1735 in a famous paper. The trade wind is a kind of anti-trade wind above the trades in the uppermost troposphere. The rise of the air is the downward motion of air between 20 in the desert zone. The pressure increases is therefore greatly under-saturated with water vapor. West Indian Monk Seal and The Caribbean was the first animal. These Even last seals were persecuted by fishermen, were seen after that time. Commercial fishermen have been responsible for the near-extinction of the Mediterranean Monk Seal. Past centuries be seen along the Mediterranean on beaches. Flora Preservation Society and The Fauna raised the money in newspapers after public appeals. The once pristine waters are overloaded now with sewage. The total population of this seal was fewer in the late 1980s than 350. A 1996 survey found 288 animals in the Atlantic along the African coast. Sea lions have been shot illegally since the MMPA by the hundreds. These killings have had a negative effect on many populations of these sea mammals.

YearCanary Islands
1312Lancelotto Malocello settled in 1312 on Lanzarote.
1599The most severe attack took place during the Dutch Revolt in 1599.
1735George Hadley published theory in 1735 in a famous paper.
1768Las Palmas has been the largest city since 1768 in the Canaries.
1797The most severe attack occurred in 1797.
1911The dense population of seals lived on small sandy islets on the Triangle Keys.
1927The rivalry led into two provinces to the division of the archipelago.
1970Christo Bezuidenhout born in 1970 in Tenerife.
1975Juan Carlos Valerón born in 1975 in Arguineguín.
1980Paola Tirados born de Gran Canaria in Las Palmas.
1986David Silva born in 1986 in Arguineguín.
1987Pedro born de Tenerife in Santa Cruz.
1988Carla Suárez Navarro born de Gran Canaria in Las Palmas.
1993Jesé born de Gran Canaria in Las Palmas.
2000The whole island was declared Reserve of the Biosphere in 2000.
2001The islands experienced continuous growth until 2001 during a 20-year period.
2007The Tenerife Tram opened in 2007.
2008Paola Tirados won the silver medal in 2008 in Beijing.

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