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Cajamarca is largest city and the capital, a also centre of higher education

Country Name:Peru
Country Code:PE
Administrative Division:Cajamarca
Feature Name:Administrative Division
Location:-6.25, -78.83333

The history of the city is highlighted by the Battle of Cajamarca. 1532 Atahualpa defeated brother Huáscar for the Inca throne in a battle. The two leaders faced off the young captain Hernando De Soto. Pizarro shared in the ransom, was a member of the expedition was given a license document was named officially the Governor, the title and Captain General. Pizarro had contacted loyal officials to a meeting and Atahualpa, selected the town's main plaza, infantry and the Spanish cavalry rushed on horseback at Atahualpa.

The 1986 Organization of American States designated Cajamarca. The façade of the Cathedral is decorated most elegantly to the extent. Decorative details carved with little birds into the spiral columns of the cathedral. The detail of the main portal extends to cherubs and flower pots. San Antonio is a significantly larger structure, the large dome. Features of the church include large cruciform piers with stone and a plain cornice with Doric pilasters. January is the warmest month with an average maximum temperature of 72 °F, turns between women and men into an all-out water war. The coldest months are July and June with an average minimum of 38 °F with an average maximum of 71 °F. Yanacocha is an active gold mining site, 45 km north of Cajamarca. The only airport is Armando Revoredo Airport, 3.26 located km northeast of the main square. Stores carry everywhere packs of water balloons during this time. Cajamarca map Cajamarca information travel Miracle Village International, a charity.

Mantecoso is a semi-fresh cheese, a typical cheese of this region has a strong reputation. Christopher Columbus had discovered the New World, Panama and Cuba. The partners determined that Pizarro, launched two separate expeditions. The Incan army was organized along ethnic lines, feign also a retreat. This military caste enjoyed several privileges as the Incan state. The Inca army's military effectiveness was based in two main elements. The Spaniards sacked the Incan camp, large amounts of gold, emeralds and silver.

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