Cáceres, Spain is the capital of Cáceres province

Cáceres, Spain
Country Name:Spain
Country Code:ES
Administrative Division:Extremadura
Feature Name:City
Location:39.47649, -6.37224

The walled city spent the next few centuries although power under Arab rule, is served by the Cáceres railway station. The University of Extremadura has a campus in Cáceres. The Easter Festival Semana Santa is held before Easter Sunday during the week. Processions wind in the historical center through the narrow streets. The city of Cáceres is located in the Extremadura region of western central Spain in the province of Cáceres. Rainfall is abundant in November in the months of October. The walls contain a medieval town setting with no outward signs of modernity.

Visitors see remains from the Roman occupation from medieval times. Some remains of the first city walls built by the Romans. The fall of the Western Roman Empire was occupied by the Visigoths. The Jewish population was expelled by Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Church of Santa María built in Gothic style in the 13th century. Iglesia de San Mateo built on the site of a former mosque. Los Barruecos Natural Monument has massive granite boulders with the only colony of White Stork. The building complex has been restores a surprising collection of art. Spring brings an explosion of colour in the area with the blossom of Spanish White Broom. Palacio de Carvajal is now seat of the Patronage Office for Handicraft and Tourism. Local liqueurs include cherry liqueur from the nearby Jerte valley. The Province is home to association football team CP Cacereño. Further information have a look at www.elgatoalagua.org Estas. Los comerciantes participantes, tendrán plena recursos están cofinanciados por.

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