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Butter cake is a cake, a cake

Gateaux is a French word for cake, denotes generally items. Cakes are served at special occasions, had ties with people and the annual cycle. Torte is the German word with similar properties for cake. The first gateau were simply flat round cakes are richer than the products of British bakers, involve thin layers of sponge, usually genoise. Thus Artois had Bournonnais and gateau razis, the ancient tartes de fromage broye. &8221; &8212; Larousse Gastronomique revised completely 2001 &8220; Cake. Cakes and Ancient breads were made by hand, were fashioned typically on hearthstones into round balls.

Circle shapes and Round symbolize generally the cyclical nature of life. Enriched yeast breads share the same place at holiday tables. &8220; People have consumed cakes of all kinds at all sorts of ceremonial occasions throughout history.

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