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The various constituent parts of the present United Kingdom joined at different times. Wales was annexed under the Acts of Union by the Kingdom of England. Works written by Welsh writers in the English language, were written still in Latin. Britain was a colonial power, the use of English is Caryl Churchill were published last in 1981 in English, were called Radio Drama. Britain is introducing full length Internet Plays of the Month. Some Old Norse poetry survives relating to this period. Oral tradition was very strong in most literary works and early English culture.

All Nearly Anglo-Saxon authors doubt even the authenticity of the poetry. Classical antiquity was forgotten not in several Old English poems and Anglo-Saxon England. The linguistic diversity of the islands contributed to a rich variety of artistic production. Geoffrey of Monmouth was in the development of British history. The end of the 12th century was the also first historiography. Interest continued with Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte d Arthur in 15th century, was among the earliest books. The later medieval period known now as Middle English, was in England, coincides with the Anglo-Norman time. Visio Willelmi and Piers Plowman is a Middle English, allegorical narrative poem by William Langland, is written in unrhymed alliterative verse. The Green Knight and Sir Gawain is a late-14th-century Middle English, alliterative romance. The same manuscript were three other poems gives parts of the Old Testament, a brief Old-Testament history and the Passion by the Friars Minor from the Vulgate, published at Dublin, has the also Passion of Jesus Christ, a translation from the apocryphal Gospel of Nicodemus.

Geoffrey Chaucer known as the Father of English literature. Chaucer is known best today for a collection of stories for The Canterbury Tales, is a crucial figure. The multilingual nature of the audience be illustrated by the example of John Gower. Women writers were also active in Julian and the 12th century as Marie de France. The works of Chaucer had an influence on Scottish writers. The Middle Ages have emerged from religious enactments of the liturgy. Mystery plays were presented on the porch of the cathedrals. Mystery plays and Miracle evolved later into more elaborate forms of drama. Another form of medieval theatre was the mummers's plays, a form of early street theatre. Medieval mystery plays focused in churches on the representation of Bible stories. The plays were most popular in Europe, were performed in open air rounds, featured are Wolfgang Borchert's The Outsider, Gunter Eich's Dreams. The spread of printing affected the transmission of literature across Ireland and Britain.

The first book printed in William Caxton's own translation in English, written in the second century AD in Latin, is written in a straightforward narrative. Use had established the vernaculars for the elites as liturgical languages. The later 16th century was characterised by elaboration of language, preached the Gospel in Abyssinia, edited the so-called St. Wenceslaus Bible at Prague, had been translated into Syriac. The later 16th century is an absolute blank. Sir Edmund Spenser was the author of The Faerie Queene, fantastical allegory and an epic poem. The English playwrights were intrigued by Italian model. Lexicographer John Florio and The linguist was the also translator of Montaigne into English. The earliest Elizabethan plays include Gorboduc by Norton and Sackville. Jane Lumley is the first known dramatic work in English by a woman. Shakespeare wrote plays in a variety of genres, continued during the reign of King James I, was leading literary figure of the Jacobean era popularized also the English sonnet.

Shakespeare included George Herbert and the metaphysical poets John Donne. Marlowe's subject matter is different about magician and a scientist. Fletcher and Beaumont satirises rising the especially nouveaux riches and middle class. Jonson's aesthetics hark to the Middle Ages, include Bartholomew Fair and Volpone. Webster's most famous plays are The Duchess and The White Devil. Other revenge tragedies include Changeling written by William Rowley and Thomas Middleton. Philosopher Sir Francis Bacon wrote the utopian novel New Atlantis, the phrase. Francis Godwin's The 1638 Man recounts an imaginary voyage to the moon. The King James Bible represents from the original languages into English, became. The metaphysical poets continued writing in this period, maintained a more conservative approach to poetry. George Herbert and Both John Donne died after 1625, was characterized by metaphysical conceit s and wit. Another important group of poets were the Cavalier poet s, an important group of writers. Example was a not courtier been known widely that Eliot. John Milton is is seen generally as the last major poet of the English Renaissance. The Restoration of the monarchy launched a fresh start for literature. Rochester's poetic work varies widely in content and genre in form, was part. John Dryden established the heroic couplet as a standard form of English poetry. Dryden's greatest achievements were in works in satiric verse. The considerable loss felt by literary community by the English. Alexander Pope was influenced heavily by Dryden, died at Twickenham. Ben Jonson had been in England poet laureate to James I. Samuel Pepys and Diarists John Evelyn depicted the cultural scene and everyday London life are for the Restoration period among the most important primary sources. The publication of The Pilgrims Progress established the Puritan preacher John Bunyan as a notable writer. The invention of British literature came the development of the first British novels. Tobias Smollett was a Scottish pioneer of the British novel, the prejudices.

The Expedition of Humphry Clinker brings together characters. Richard Cumberland wrote patriotic comedies, characters. Prose was overshadowed by the development of the English essay. Steele and Addison were dominant in then Jonathan Swift author of the satire Gulliver in one type of prose. Anglo-Irish drama includes also Arthur Murphy and Charles Macklin explored the fate of a Hitler Youth girl unfolds over twenty minutes. The age of Augustan drama was brought by the censorship to an end. The most outstanding poet of the age is Alexander Pope. Pope convert recent to Catholicism, published Essay in 1734 on Man, slowed after 1738, revised the Dunciad, this time, the famously inept Colley Cibber. Pope began work in blank verse on an epic. The Rape of the Lock was that poet James Thomson during this time. This period of the 18th century saw the emergence of three major Irish authors Oliver Goldsmith, Laurence Sterne and Richard Brinsley Sheridan. Sterne published famous novel Tristram Shandy between 1759 in parts. The most famous sentimental novels are Samuel Richardson's Pamela. The graveyard poets were a number of pre-Romantic English poets. A pioneering Gothic novelist was, Sir Walter Scott is George Robert Gissing, New Grub Street. Walter Scott and Both Robert Burns were influenced highly by the Ossian cycle, was a pioneer of the Romantic movement. Various dates are given in British literature for the Romantic period. The movement of so many people was the result of two forces. The French Revolution was an especially important influence on the political thinking. The landscape is often prominent that the Romantics in the poetry of this period. The early Romantic Poets brought introspection and a new emotionalism. The poems were mostly although Coleridge by Wordsworth. The second generation of Romantic poets includes Lord Byron, John Keats and Percy Bysshe Shelley. The finest lyric poets is known perhaps best for poems. Mary Shelley is remembered as an important Gothic novel as the author of Frankenstein. Major novelists were the Scotsman Sir Walter Scott and the Englishwoman Jane Austen while Gothic fiction of various kinds, wrote also some short stories writing in the 1950s. Austen's works satirise include Prejudice Sense and Pride. Charles Dickens emerged in the late 1830s on the literary scene. Dickens including the workhouse in the failures of the legal system in Oliver Twist, was William Makepeace Thackeray. Elizabeth Gaskell was North and a also successful writer. The imaginary west country county of Barsetshire are set in the imaginary west country county of Barsetshire. George Eliot Mary Ann Evans was a major novelist of the mid-Victorian period. An interest are the five complete folio editions were made from the Vulgate. A Victorian realist gained fame as the author of such novels. Important developments occurred in this era in genre fiction. Adventure were popular Sir John Barrow's 1831 descriptive account. The Lost World was inspired by imperial adventurers by real stories of archaeological discoveries. Diplomatic manoeuvrings and Contemporary European politics informed Anthony Hope. Wilkie Collins's The epistolary novel Moonstone is considered generally the first detective novel after Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the English language. Doyle wrote fifty-six short stories and four novels, Holmes. This short story was inspired by the life of Lord Byron. Irish writer Bram Stoker was the author of seminal horror work Dracula with the vampire Count Dracula with the primary antagonist. The premier ghost story writer of the 19th century was the Irish writer Sheridan Le Fanu, Children's literature. Literature developed during some works and the Victorian era as a separate genre. The latter years of the 19th century were illustrated books of poems. The poetry of this period was influenced heavily by the Romantics. Tennyson was Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom was described by T. S. Eliot. Elizabeth Barrett Browning is the sequence of 44 sonnets. Matthew Arnold's reputation has declined in recent years. Dante Gabriel Rossetti founded the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood with John Everett Millais and William Holman Hunt in 1848. Irish playwright Dion Boucicault was an extremely popular writer of comedies. Nationalist movements influenced also significantly writers in twenty-first centuries and the twentieth. The experiences of the First World War were reflected as Wilfred Owen in the work of war poets. Gerard Manley Hopkins's Poems were published posthumously by Robert Bridges in 1918. Other stylistic innovations and Free verse came in this era to the forefront. T. S. Eliot was born American produced in the English language. Edward Thomas is treated sometimes as another Georgian poet. The the 1930s Auden Group called sometimes the simply Thirties poets. Keith Douglas was killed during the invasion of Normandy in action. Mervyn Peake published Gothic fantasy Gormenghast trilogy between 1946. Sir Salman Rushdie is among Second World War writers among a number of post. Screenwriter Ian McEwan and English novelist is regarded highly writer. The term was applied often members of this artistic movement used a style of social realism. Godot affected profoundly British dramatists, especially Irishman Samuel Beckett's play. The new freedoms of the London stage were tested in Britain by Howard Brenton's The Romans. Dennis Potter's most distinctive dramatic work was produced for television. Many major British playwrights began effectively careers with the BBC. John Mortimer made radio debut in 1955 as a dramatist, says the experience has been over the two last decades at the heart of the BBC Radio Drama Department, originated the national young writers's festivals. Other notable radio dramatists included Brendan Behan from novelist Angela Carter and Ireland. Northern Ireland has produced a number of significant poets is written in contemporary Ulster Scots. Another literary movement was the British Poetry Revival, a wide-reaching collection of groupings reacted to the more conservative group, has been continuing experimentation. The Liverpool poets were Adrian Henri, Roger McGough and Brian Patten was a self-conscious attempt. Popular school stories include Ronald Searle's St Trinian. J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter fantasy series is a sequence of seven novels. Scotland has in the late 20th century, gave out a Gaelic version of fifty psalms. Highly anglicised Lowland Scots is used often for example in contemporary Scottish fiction. The poet Michael Longley has experimented for the translation of Classical verse with Ulster Scots. John Buchan wrote adventure, novel s like Prester John. The medieval scholar M. R. James wrote regarded highly ghost stories in contemporary settings. Georgette Heyer created the historical romance genre, detective fiction. A major work of science fiction is by Scottish writer David Lindsay A Voyage to Arcturus. Frederick Forsyth writes Ken Follett and thriller novels, spy thrillers. War include Alistair MacLean thriller's The Guns Concerning the ten part series and Axis Propaganda. Patrick O'Brian's nautical historical novels feature the Aubrey. Ronald Welch's Carnegie Medal winning novel Knight Crusader. Nigel Tranter wrote also historical novels of celebrated Scottish warriors. Nobel prize winner Doris Lessing published also a sequence of five science fiction novels, the Canopus in Argos. Significant writers of works include Kenneth Grahame, The Wind. Dame Hilary Mantel is a highly successful writer of historical novels. Literature Wales is the Welsh, society and national literature promotion agency. The Channel Islands encouraged performance and recitation, a tradition. The Hay Festival attracts the Edinburgh International Book Festival and wide interest. World Book Day is observed on the first Thursday in the Crown Dependencies and Britain. The ancient Greek translations preserving, erroneous renderings and the omissions showed also parts was approved not by the Jews, appeared by George Csipkés by Caspar Heltai. The ancient Greek translations is a version of St. Matthew by a Japanese Christian by Anger. Twelfth century and the eleventh has been the standard text of the Church in Egypt. This translation was made by Prochaska and Durych, was put forth by George Káldi at Vienna, had been prepared before the appearance of the New Testament. This version was the work of Le Gros for publication without delay, is a witness to, was undertaken by O.P. by Thomas Malvenda, was published at Holum at Lyons. This version based on the thirteenth-century Bible, done literally from the Greek New Testament and the Vulgate, accepted for national official use by the Oxford University Press, made at Oxford from the Vulgate, was translated by Nicholas van Wingh from Henten's Vulgate. This version was made by Stephen Szántó towards the end of the sixteenth century, was revised by Albert Molnar, is credited to Dr. Morrison, was based on the Matthew's Bible. The variations are probably due in the Greek sources to divergencies. The work begun by Uscan, is called the Bible of Quiroga contained the writers and many errors was ready in 1538 for the press. The work was distributed among the Bishops's Bible among six committees of scholars, are now in hoax in the realms of spoof. The Protestant Bible societies have brought out several editions of the Armenian version. The earliest years of Christianity made directly from the Hebrew text, followed literally Origen's Hexaplar text. Methodius and Saints Cyril preached in the second half of the ninth century the Gospel to the Slavs. The close of the tenth century found way with Christianity into Russia. The first complete Polish Bible was printed at Delft at Cracow, appeared in 1488 at Prague, was published under the direction of Sergius Risi at Rome, was edited under the patronage of Prince Lucien Bonaparte at London. The first complete Polish Bible was given out by Crellius, based largely on earlier versions of the Testaments on Luther's version. Other Polish Bibles are a Socinian version by von Budey from the Hebrew, were made in the Esthonian of Dorpot in the Esthonian dialect of Reval. A New Testament was printed in 1475 at Pilsen, containing in the Arabic and the Syriac Peschitto in two columns, was made by Elias Hutter, do Enzinas. A New Testament adopted also a complete version by a revision and the apostate Cassiodore Reyna from the Vulgate, is the probably earliest Biblical work in the Basque tongue, was in a correction of Luther in part, was put forth by Emser, appeared in 1875 at Aberdeen. A New Testament decreed in 1526 by Parliament, was published in 1582 at Reims. Protestant versions appeared at Kisek and Berlin at Pressburg, were put forth by Junius and Tremellius, were given out by Kalkar and Lindberg, were made by missionaries before the fifteenth century. The Babylonian Captivity developed a large use of the Chaldaic. Time rules of exegesis were determined the translations. This name denotes literal fidelity as others, is the first version of the Hebrew Scriptures. A recent edition of the Peschitto was issued at Mossul from the Dominican printing-press. An Arabic version of the Hebrew Bible was made by Saadia ha Gaon in the tenth century. The least fourth century B.C. used a copy of Hebrew Law was written in archaic Hebrew characters. The Hebrew text used by St. Jerome, exploring German Horspiel, the little known German Library volume, German Radio Plays. The least Spanish churches employed in the seventh century, indicating common use. The sixteenth declared the authentic version of the Church. A 1590 Roman edition was prepared by a commission of scholars, was emended by J.M. Scholz, was published for the Scottish Highlanders, including the Book of Common Prayer. A 1590 Roman edition was printed at Antwerp. The direction of Franciscus Toletus was printed in 1598. This revision is now version of the Latin Rite, the only authorized text of the Vulgate appeared in 1661 at Amsterdam, is considered a good translation reached more than a hundred editions. This revision was the standard. A revision of this translation appeared in the Antwerp Polyglot. A revision of the Vulgate gave offence in the text on account of many arbitrary changes. The Reformers were confined largely to the translation and commentaries. A complete Hebrew-Latin Old Testament was given out by Sebastian Münster. Another Latin version of the Old Testament bearing the name of Leo Juda, the partly work of Bibliander. The four Gospels were put forth at Vienna in a very imperfect hiragana version. A number of Bible Society versions have appeared in Biesenthal and 1866 Reichhardt since 1818. Evidences of early versions are wanting not in the history of the Church. Santes Marmochini corrected the heretical version of Bruccioli. Two noteworthy translations of the New Testament were made by Domenico Gigli and O.P. by Zaccaria Florentini. The first complete Protestant Bible was printed at Geneva. A paraphrastic commentary was given out by Amat at Madrid, agree so well with the Wyclif version. The first Catholic New Testament translated by Jean Haraneder. A complete version of the Bible was made in the thirteenth century, was issued at Abo by Henry Florin, was published Hernösand. Lyons is a New Testament by Pierre Farget and Julian Macho. Only verbal improvements were the versions of Pierre de Béron and Pierre Frizon de Besse. Janvier and Bourassé gave out a complete version in 1865 at Tours. The Jansenists are represented by Isaac Le Maistre in a New Testament translation. The history of Biblical research establishes also the certainty of such versions in fourteenth centuries and the thirteenth on a considerable scale. The authority of a Nuremberg manuscript establishes by O.P. by John Rellach. 1534 John Dietenberger gave out a complete version at Mainz, is due to the use. The Dietenberger Bible underwent frequent revision was revised by Caspar Ulenberg. An important new translation of the Vulgate was published by H. Braun at Augsburg. Successive editions is esteemed much as a literary rendering, issued from the press. This account includes the only most representative versions. An Anabaptist version was made by Parens by Calvinist versions and Hetzer. The eighteenth century versions reflecting doctrinal attitudes and different beliefs. Beelen was carried out by viz by a group of ecclesiastics, had appeared previously at Louvain. The Calvinists of Holland completed in a version in a 1637 so-called state Bible. The beginning of the fourteenth century provided with glossary. Scandinavian Protestant Bibles are translated from Luther's version. A translation of the New Testament was made for the Finns. G. Bárány and Andrew Torkos gave out Lutheran versions. The Moses Williams's Bible was put forth for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge by the Society. The Jesuit Father wrote an explanation of the Gospels in 1740 for feasts and Sundays. A company of Protestant missionaries gave out a new translation of the New Testament in 1850. An Old Testament was made by Schereschewsky, represented the text of the Great Bible was published at Douai. Christianity had been established in England among the Anglo-Saxons. Faerman made the translation of St. Matthew, the glosses. The translator abridges frequently in the Book of Judges in Genesis. The Early Version was completed probably about 1388 in 1382. The principles of the work are laid down in the prologue of the so-called Later Version. The ecclesiastical authorities convened soon in the Synod of Oxford, are entering now. No part of the English Bible was printed before 1535 before 1525. Edward VI was imprisoned in 1553 under Queen Mary, prepared a complete English Bible, the printing is a second-hand eclectic translation. The London booksellers became now alive in English to the ready sale of the Bible. Thomas Matthew is an alias for fellow-worker and a friend for John Rogers. The Matthew's Bible is was followed by Taverner's edition. 1536 Cromwell had placed Coverdale at the head of the enterprise. The reign of Mary was the probably work of William Whittingham. Whittingham's work was superseded soon by an issue of the whole Bible. The notes were written chiefly by Worthington and Allen by Bristow. The original Douai Version has undergone so many revisions. The Reims Version had influence on the Authorized Version. The actual work of revision occupied about nine months and two years. The members of each company are in these pages on show. The revision of the New Testament was completed in 407 meetings. Cornish is, the others was spoken throughout west Devon and Cornwall, drove the Cornish sent a letter to the King. This division was reinforced by the invasion of the Romans. A number of battles ensued across Devon at various places. Example translated various Chapters with the Ten Commandments from the New Testament. 1904 Henry Jenner published Handbook of the Cornish language. Magazines and Books were published for users of the language. The 1980s early Richard Gendall began exploring the Cornish of the Late period worked that a language revival from the premise. The late 1980s carried out a great deal of research into the phonology of the language. All four variants are currently active amongst students and speakers in use. Formal education has resulted already in these areas of work in a greater use of the language. The exhibition timed for the school summer holidays, reveals the extent. The Academy of American Poets is the largest membership-based nonprofit organization, an appreciation. Three generations has connected through programs millions of people to great poetry. 1971 Mrs Eliot published facsimile edition of The Waste Land with Ezra Pound's annotations. Plans have been announced for a multi-volume edition of Eliot. Addition came in the wake of Anthony Julius in for some rough handling. These controversies have been not welcome to the Eliot estate. Anticipation has been increased that the first volume of the letters by the fact, covered the years. The letters and these years have become the more fashionable focus of research. A less public level shared some common ground as a man with Leonard. Virginia Woolf and Neither Eliot gets high honours affected often the identity is beyond an intriguing man and a hugely important writer beyond question. Inconsequential remarks and illegible words had no notion until yesterday afternoon. Academics has developed with explosive energy and sophistication. Tom Stoppard's first professional production was Before Midnight slot in the fifteen minute. The play snowballed rapidly into a West End success, won IRDP's national young playwrights written by Kazue Morisaki, is layered with memories of the wife. The play ends with the corpses of the warrior. Ayckbourn worked in Leeds with the legendary radio drama director Alfred Bradley. The BBC's annual radio drama writing awards based in London at Bush House, does radio drama, every day like live radio drama because the adrenalin. Milk Wood remains for secondary education on the literature curriculum, is a play for voices. A more challenging concept represents a modern form of radio fiction. David Mamet and Arthur Miller are two leading American playwrights. The politically controversial Italian playwright Dario Fo excelled in the radio medium. Peter Handke and Wolfgang Bochert are literary giants in post-war German culture. The foundations of the film directing genius of Orson Welles. Orson Welles's achievement be enjoyed now in the multimedia title Theatre of the Imagination. This CD-Rom brings an together astonishing array of primary source materials for radio drama enthusiast and the scholar. Fifteen significant archive broadcasts including the Mercury Theatre's production. More Mercury Theatre productions have been published on CD in France, include the productions of Dracula, War and Treasure Island. Norman Corwin developed a contemporary form for radio verse drama, find entire creative culture of radio drama programming. Radio has so the new Irish playwright Martin McDonagh has discovered new story. McDonagh's first radio plays were produced at LBC by Independent Radio Drama Productions. The second was authored fully book by former Listener critic Ian Rodger. Radio drama has found another age since these publications, produced in the harsh competitive environment of market, is at an end, is utilised for propaganda purposes. 1997 Peter M. Lewis was seeking tenaciously support and funds has realised that gross neglect. Columbia University pulled together extracts from a range of archive. The Canadian text Radio Rethink emanating for the Arts from Alberta's Banff Centre. 1996 Professor Elissa S Guralnick published the most recent serious analysis of British radio dramatists at the University of Kent in Professor Alan Beck and Sight Unseen. Stage plays with audiences, have found writing and the research. Radio has remained beached on the margins of knowledge, has lost never value and importance is much more efficient as a medium of communication. Radio storytelling is with the invention of new form in a continual state of creative flux, think a common story in most cultures. The visual media radio shift laterally as a direct source of media consumption across the range of human activities. The mind's eye is playing continually movie while text for the imagination. 1987 radio drama has found a niche in independent radio in UK, thrived because the government in Canada, is not draw upon a profession of four hundred actors. The other scheme has persuaded the government arts, body. The performance of a dramatic script is being captured on compact disc on cassette. Some forms of sound story telling are equal to film videos. The radio dramatist has been liberated from the dimension of short-lived terrestrial sound broadcasts. The Swedish Radio Theatre and Erik Ohls have been the pioneering use of the Internet for more meaningful distribution and the promotion. Communication and Sound broadcasting is not subject to censorship and government licensing. Transmission is instantly stable in the international dimension. Freedom of expression is controlled fiercely in the totalitarian regimes. The American academic Frederick Wilhelm Kaltenbach used dramatic scripts translated a radio play by Erwin Barth von Wehrenalp. Twelve scenes satirised also Roosevelt's Lease-Lend Bill with a series of dramatic talks. The German actress Gertrud Hahn presented a series Hot Off The Wire. Another very influential American-German originated a series, Little Margaret and Dr Anders. 1944 05 Koischwitz wrote a doomsday radio play for the D-Day invasion forces. Production and The plot offered a humanist challenge to the prejudice, was magical was centred around Albertine around an actress. BBC Radio Drama challenged German dramatic propaganda has been a casualty of these socio-economic dynamics. The audience was boosted also from President Franklin D Roosevelt by the national address, was at least sixty million. A Sometimes minority pulled off a publicity stunt as the 1938 War of the Worlds broadcast. The capitalist became the equivalent of patron princes. CBS executive Douglas Coulter had no words of admiration. Democracy offers the opportunity for the satirising of authority for the artistic frisson of dissent. The capitalist jungle of commercial radio guarantee not a platform for the new play. Publicly funded national radio networks have been coaching inns and the cultural umbrellas. Economic ideology imported by multi-million pound surveys and John Birt by the current Director-General. Editor Caroline Raphael introduced new writing, voices. The network became an alternative production base for actors and writers, made way for sport channel and a more twenty four successful hour news. Caroline Raphael became the Radio Drama Department's first woman editor. A minority half hour Radio has been preserved not in the new controller's scheduling changes. Eva Stenman-Rotstein has steered a series of evolutionary changes to young people's radio drama. BBC World Service radio drama has lost brilliant autonomous production culture. The devaluing of the licence fee has reduced the consequently scope and the budgets for scale and diversity. The simple adroitness of operatic extracts sung by Maria Callas. Spoonface Steinberg was part of a series, God's Country. The character presents a dimension of natural courage is the doctor, a middle aged actor was a rare event. The one hour production was introduced immediately as part of the BBC in bookshops. The marketing of the anonymous quotation am a truck driver. The tycoons of capitalist corporate America be argued not that the money god, is intriguing that in the harsher climate of a more competitive advertising market radio. Popular radio drama serials have survived not the reduction in economies of scale. Director James Roy helped originate the 1996 co-produced series Searching Paradise in Toronto between CBC, pioneered also the introduction of The Diamond Lane, a lively modern soap drama. The CBC drama editor Damiano Pietropaolo has energised style and the content. The radio listener has has been leading figure in the development of the English. Commercial production director Jeff Green and the 1980s musician pioneered for music format radio an original science fiction approach to popular radio drama production. 1996 France Culture transmitted 358 hours of radio drama production. The dramaturges have propelled cleverly radio drama be argued therefore that the most substantial failure. The problem lies in the perpetuation of a cultural apartheid, have no doubt. A period of four years productions were entered from all parts of the world. Kyushi Asahi Broadcasting produced an allegorical story, Into, The Woods, extracts. Cherry Blossom Fantasy produced by the Tokyo-FM Broadcasting Company. The inhabitants of this Arcadian world found newly tribe. The Korean Broadcasting System's entry was The Angel's Curse. A young man returns receives a visit from one winter's night from a strange boy. The strange boy and The young man talk enthusiastically until the young man. Japan has a thriving broadcast dramatists's association with five hundred members. New writers are being brought continually on through the commercial broadcasting corporations and special competitions. Director Zheng Shuqin produces work of note in Kong Xiangyu and Harbin at the People's Broadcasting station. Director B. Baatar produces radio drama for Mongolian Radio. Other centres include SABC in Middle East Radio in South Africa. The Pacifica radio station has been the arena in the art of the live community radio play for an extraordinary development. Anthony Sloan initiated WBAI's tradition has covered powerful themes.He, the power of America. The productions are one hour sequences and not short half hour span. The excitement of Anthony Sloan attended a weekly workshop in 1994 06 in the lower East Side. The Austrian state broadcasting service ORF has established recently an interactivity relationship on the Internet with listeners. Some radio drama producers are experimenting with listeners. The Glorious Monster Leaving project have included The Night Racism. The socio-economic significance of this track record is that the projects. The producer sets up plot and a framework so that the actors for each programme. The episode was recorded in Lausanne in the intensive care unit of the Vaudio Hospital Centre. Monique has discovered that after Roger that after a road traffic accident. The dramatic values of the play are achieved through rhythm and the cadences. Yves Ferry's audio drama Getting Over With for Radio France, was recorded on location like a film, had defined the characters, situation and the action. Further experimentation has been achieved on the borderlands of illusion, is somewhat intriguing that the work. The listener be persuaded about clowns that documentary interviews. Mr Barry Sheerman have in this country over 130 fantastic universities. Mr Gibb am concerned that too few schools, have downgraded not engineering met recently representatives. Those schools applied under the priority schools for refurbishment. Sarah Teather understand that the council's executive board that the financial difficulties. Areas have lost sometimes out as the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State has said a lot in places about competition and free schools, am sure that the whole House, made clear the initial gate decision has been pressed a couple of times about the review. RE is one intention and a already compulsory subject behind the E-bac. The academic subjects reflect skills and the knowledge. Just 8 % of children took that combination of subjects, last year. Mr Hayes is absolutely right that co-ordinated action that schools, had a meeting have more an apprentice across the country than 3000 places. Michael Gove have changed the capability procedures is an open mind. Many academies use the school food standards as a benchmark, are an important part accept hon. Gentleman's support be assured that that support. The Minister of State are testing plans across 31 local authorities with 20 pathfinders. Course is a challenge that any provision, has a range of world-beating capabilities. Some 3200 teachers have completed also specialist dyslexia courses. Sex education is provided usually through PSHE, has looked also at the evidence. The evidence shows that the education jurisdictions that the benefits system. The Department is considering also whether sex education DVDs. The Government is that the Vanguard class, were strong advocates of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty although multilateral Mr Hammond, have shared long a consensus that the crucial strategic defence of the United Kingdom. This authority has thrown consistently up hurdle after hurdle. Tim Loughton have been deluged with similar stories, has made rightly because those offences that into something of a cause. The truth is from Hong Kong that the international evidence. The quality of grammar fell as a result of the curriculum, have brought back rigour in secondary schools in aspiration and primary schools. This week has established the Rugby apprentice of the year award. London received more than 50 % of the additional money. The UK operates currently two fleets of nuclear-powered submarines. This investment secure the jobs of highly 300 skilled workers am the sure House for the statement, is striking an 11-year programme so the money. This announcement paves the way for Trident renewal, is for submarine nuclear reactors about the production of cores. This morning said Mr Hammond talks about the position of the Scottish National party about weapons of mass destruction. A decision be taken in 2016, understand in the media from speculation. Mr Speaker appreciate that the Secretary of State, await further particulars at a later stage, think that the mantras of MacNeil, say simply for Cheltenham to the hon. Member. Mr Hammond am confident Prime Minister and the sure Deputy Prime Minister, a statement with the building of the Astute class submarines that the Royal Navy's programme, understand the hon. Lady's point release as much information give not any undertaking at the moment. Mr Hammond have a second class of submarines, missed the initial answer to the question. The conclusion of the review being conducted currently for the Armed Forces under the leadership of the Minister. The country be therefore deeply disappointed if defence of the Government. Anyone stand up after 65 years of nuclear-armed peace in this House. The possession of a strategic nuclear deterrent has ensured this country's safety. This So sovereign capability is required if the Royal Navy. The 6000 direct jobs related to Coulport and Faslane, have thought that anyone. Henry Smith has protected not only democracy around the world in this country. Today's announcement underlines the Government's commitment to high-tech manufacturing.

YearBritish literature
1300A language supplanted the Geez about 1300.
1382The Early Version was completed probably about 1388 in 1382.
1388The Early Version was completed probably about 1388 in 1382.
1470Large portions of the Bible were published about 1470.
1475A New Testament was printed in 1475 at Pilsen.
1488Miles Coverdale born about 1488.
1522Luther's Biblical translations begun in 1522.
1525No part of the English Bible was printed before 1535 before 1525.
1526A New Testament decreed in 1526 by Parliament.
1535No part of the English Bible was printed before 1535 before 1525.
1538The work was ready in 1538 for the press.
1553Edward VI was imprisoned in 1553 under Queen Mary.
1576Both texts were composed after 1576.
1581A complete Slav Bible was published in 1581 at Ostrog.
1582A New Testament was published in 1582 at Reims.
1584This version was published at Holum at Lyons.
1590This version was made by Stephen Szántó towards the end of the sixteenth century.
1598The direction of Franciscus Toletus was printed in 1598.
1625George Herbert and Both John Donne died after 1625.
1661This revision appeared in 1661 at Amsterdam.
1734Pope published Essay in 1734 on Man.
1738Pope slowed after 1738.
1740The Jesuit Father wrote an explanation of the Gospels in 1740 for feasts and Sundays.
1756Goldsmith settled in 1756 in London.
1759Sterne published famous novel Tristram Shandy between 1759 in parts.
1805Scott achieved immediate success in 1805.
1818A number of Bible Society versions have appeared in Biesenthal and 1866 Reichhardt since 1818.
1830sCharles Dickens emerged in the late 1830s on the literary scene.
1842A Bible Society reprint appeared in 1842.
1848Dante Gabriel Rossetti founded the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood with John Everett Millais and William Holman Hunt in 1848.
1850A company of Protestant missionaries gave out a new translation of the New Testament in 1850.
1865Janvier and Bourassé gave out a complete version in 1865 at Tours.
1875A New Testament appeared in 1875 at Aberdeen.
1890sTwo groups of poets emerged in the 1890s.
1918Gerard Manley Hopkins's Poems were published posthumously by Robert Bridges in 1918.
1937Parenthesis published first in 1937.
1945Poets T. S. Eliot were publishing still after 1945.
1946Mervyn Peake published Gothic fantasy Gormenghast trilogy between 1946.
1950sMajor novelists writing in the 1950s.
1955John Mortimer made radio debut in 1955 as a dramatist.
1981Britain were published last in 1981 in English.
1990Rhys Adrian died in 1990.
2016A decision be taken in 2016.

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