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Brest, France is a city, an also important research centre

Brest, France: City, Port
Brest, France
Country Name:France
Country Code:FR
Administrative Division:Brittany
Feature Name:City
Location:48.39029, -4.48628

The city is located on the western edge of continental Europe, has also a notable botanical garden was the setting for the 1982 art film Querelle. 142722 inhabitants is at the centre of Western Brittany. The Allies's bombing raids was rebuilt completely after the war. Every four years hosts the international festival of the sea, sailors and boats. The United States Navy established a naval air station. The Second World War maintained a large U-boat submarine base at Brest. The Allied invasion of Normandy was destroyed almost totally for Brest during the Battle.

A wartime German navy memorandum suggested that the town. The Tanguy tower and The castle are the oldest monuments of Brest. The city of Brest does have not historical architecture. The town was rebuilt using hastily a large amount of concrete. The climate of Brest is a Maritime Climate, a perfect example of an oceanic climate throughout the year as the rainfall. The railway station of Brest is linked to Paris and Rennes. A 28 new stop connecting Porte in the west de Plouzané. The harbour's facilities accommodate the largest modern ships. Shipping is big business although Saint-Nazaire and Nantes. The importance of service sector is increasing still while the industrialised activity. Conception and Research is taking increasing importance. Other French minority languages does have not any official language status in France. 1.94 % of primary-school children attended French-Breton, bilingual Diwan schools. Bilingual schools is taught also in universities and some schools. Brittany's most famous local delicacy is the main culinary feature from seafood.

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