Communication Technology Information science Past president Researcher Fellow Library

Brenda Dervin is a researcher

Involvement is also Seeking In the field of library in Conference, served as plenary speaker as that organization's first keynote, has served frequently for the organization's book as reviewer and editorial board member. Reviewer and an editor serves currently in the communication on seven editorial boards. Dissertation advising Dervin, 13 master and 27 doctoral dissertations. A number of articles have been devoted specifically to analysis of Dervin. Consultancies have taken many forms informed interviewing approaches.

Research grants has served for contract projects and grant as principal investigator. Sense-Making has been applied at myriad levels in myriad settings.

Richard Smalley was norman Hackerman Professor and the Gene, an indifferent student

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John Perry Barlow is essayist and an American poet, a cyberlibertarian political activist and a retired Wyoming cattle rancher

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