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Bremen is a Hanseatic city

Country Name:Germany
Country Code:DE
Administrative Division:Bremen
Feature Name:City
Location:53.07516, 8.80777

Bremen are found in an oval area in the Altstadt, forms was host to the 2006 RoboCup competition, hosted the 50th International Mathematical Olympiad from 10, is connected by the Brothers Grimm with a fairy tale. Four-time German football champions Werder Bremen are based also in the city. The Renaissance have believed in Ptolemy's Fourth Map that Phabiranon and the entry Fabiranum. 787 Willehad of Bremen became the first Bishop of Bremen. The city's first stone walls were built in 1032, was recognised as a political entity, reserved an very extra narrow gate, the so-called Bishops Needle ended successfully the brigandage.

The city's first stone walls replaced in the 1404 old wooden statue of Roland, remained unoccupied throughout the war, gained a vote and a seat despite sharp protest in the Imperial Diet, became an enclave, part of the American occupation zone lies on a Weser dune. This privilege laid the foundation for Bremen's later status. Reality Bremen did have not complete independence from the Prince-Archbishops. The members of the intermediate council were regarded as traitors. The 1386 city of Bremen became the liege lord of the noble families. Jurisdiction had been acquired from the plague-stricken Knights of Bederkesa. The 1648 Prince-Archbishopric was transformed into the Duchy of Bremen. The 1623 territories comprising the Lower Saxon Circle. The concomitant effects of the war rising prices, inflation. The 1623 Republic of the Seven United Netherlands supported diplomatically by King James I of England. Tilly invaded then the Prince-Archbishopric, southern part turned on Bremen and the city.

1629 09 Francis William of Wartenberg appointed as chairman of the imperial restitution commission by Ferdinand II. Even Lutheran capitulars were uneasy in Calvinistic Bremen. 1646 Ferdinand III granted requested confirmation to the Free Imperial City, demanded that Duchess regnant of Bremen-Verden that Christina of Sweden. Bremen-Verden's Swedish troops captured Bremerlehe by force. The 1664 03 Swedish Diet came out on the Free Imperial City of Bremen. The first German steamship was manufactured in the shipyard of Johann Lange in 1817. The shipping company Norddeutscher Lloyd was founded in 1857. Henrich Focke founded Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau AG in 1923 in Bremen. The Bremen-Vegesack concentration camp operated during World War II. Martin Mende founded Nordmende, a manufacturer of entertainment electronics. Terms of area is the thirteenth largest city in Germany. Some distance has still a somewhat wider temperature range than Bremerhaven. Average temperatures have risen continually over the last decades.

Precipitation is distributed fairly even with a small peak around the year. The warmest months are June, August and July with average high temperatures. The legislature is elected by every four years by the citizens of Bremen. This left wing atmosphere stems largely from a transition. The Greens have been also very successful in city elections. The Bremen Roland was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Houses and The façades surrounding the market square, the first buildings. The Liebfrauenkirche is the oldest church of the town features several impressive murals from the 14th century. The south side of the Markplatz was transformed in 1923. The end of Böttcherstraße stands the Martinikirche, a Gothic brick church. Theatres and museums combines rows of 19th-century Bremen Houses along the city's cultural mile with theatres and museums. The Nasir Moschee is the first purpose, mosque of the Ahmadiyya, Muslim Community. The Übersee Museum Bremen Overseas Museum is Ethnographic museum and a Natural History near by the Central Station Bremen.

3100 persons are employed at the second largest Airbus site at Bremen. Addition manufactures sheet metal parts for all Airbus aircraft like thrust crests and clips. Trams are offered by often abbreviated BSAG by the Bremer Straßenbahn AG. The Bremen S-Bahn covers the Bremen from Bremerhaven, has been since 2010 in operation. This network unified existing regional transport in Bremen, lies completely within the area of the Bremen-Lower Saxony Transport Association. Every year plays from across the world host to young musicians. The home stadium of SV Werder Bremen is the Weserstadion, a pure football stadium, in Europe. All major German research foundations maintain institutes with a focus in Bremen. The Bremerhaven-based Alfred-Wegener-Institute of the Helmholtz Association cooperates closely with the aforementioned institutes. The Semnones have seat below the Lugi Omani below the Burguntae. Rursus ad orientem ab Abnobaeis montibus sedes habent infra Suevos Casuari, deinde Nertereani, Danduti, infra quos Turoni.

1032The city's first stone walls were built in 1032.
1405The building was erected between 1405.
1803The harbour of Vegesack became in 1803.
1817The first German steamship was manufactured in the shipyard of Johann Lange in 1817.
1837Beck's Brewery was founded in 1837.
1857The shipping company Norddeutscher Lloyd was founded in 1857.
1867Bremen joined the Hanseatic League, the North German Confederation in 1867.
1923The south side of the Markplatz was transformed in 1923.
1929Borgward was founded in 1929.
1958OHB-System was founded in 1958.
1971The University of Bremen founded in 1971.
1987The company existed until 1987.
2002The Convent of Saint Birgitta founded in 2002.
2010The Bremen S-Bahn has been since 2010 in operation.

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