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Braunschweig is situated north of the Harz mountains

Braunschweig: City
Country Name:Germany
Country Code:DE
Administrative Division:Lower Saxony
Feature Name:Administrative Division
Location:52.26471, 10.52333

Braunschweig 's population took place, place in 1957 in 1957. Today is the second largest city in a major centre and Lower Saxony, has become the true symbol of Braunschweig. The town s original name of Brunswik, a combination of the name Bruno indicates therefore an ideal resting-place plays also host to a number of annual festivals. The city was mentioned first from the St. Magni Church in documents, is the Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum, the oldest public museum and a well known art museum between Berlin and Frankfurt on the main rail line, houses plays in the highest level in the Basketball Bundesliga.

The city has a population, a population of around 96000 of around 96000. 1142 Henry became duke of Saxony turned Dankwarderode Castle, went in England into exile, had established previously in 1168 ties to the English crown. The Princes of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel did regain n't control until the late 17th century over the city. The aftermath of the July Revolution governing absolutist style, bourgeoisie and the nobility. The 19th century caused a rapid growth of population in the city. 10 November proclaimed the Socialist Republic of Brunswick by the Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany under one-party government. The Second World War was an Untergebiet Hauptquartier of Wehrkreis XI. The major part of the former district was incorporated into the city of Braunschweig. The original statue be seen in the museum of Dankwarderode Castle. The Altstadtmarkt surrounded with important historical houses by the Martinikirche and the Old Town town hall. The Magniviertel lined with cafés and little shops with cobblestoned streets.

The Gothic Aegidienkirche built with an adjoining monastery in the 13th century. The ducal palace of Braunschweig was bombed in World War II. The baroque palace Schloss Richmond built between 1768. The nature reserve Riddagshäuser Teiche is designated as Special Protection Area and Important Bird Area. Gardens and Parks include the botanical garden Botanischer Garten. Two main autobahns serve Braunschweig, the A39 and the A2. The main train station includes a bicycle parking area. The network has an gauge for tramway network and a European railway. Many other geographical locations are named Brunswick after the historical English name of Braunschweig. The House of Hanover was known formally as Hanover line as the House of Brunswick-Lüneburg. A result were named as the province of New Brunswick after Brunswick. The Duchy of Brunswick-Lüneburg underwent a series of divisions. The territory had been split all branches of the family. The Hanover line being surviving last line of the family.

The PTB Braunschweig maintains the atomic clock for the official German time and the DCF77 time signal. Braunschweig University of Technology was founded in 1745. Approximately 18000 students is the third largest university in Lower Saxony. The German weekly business news magazine Wirtschaftswoche ranked Braunschweig. Bus manufacturer Büssing and The defunct truck was headquartered in Braunschweig. Also two major optical companies were headquartered in Braunschweig, were founded in the 19th century. A medieval Northern German form of carnival was celebrated in Braunschweig. An 1979 annual Rosenmontag parade is held in Northern Germany in Braunschweig. An annual Weihnachtsmarkt is held on the Burgplatz in December and late November. Frequent exhibitions of contemporary art are held also by the Art Society of Braunschweig. The Braunschweig Classix Festival was an annual classical music festival is the largest promoter of classical music in the region. Eintracht Braunschweig won the German football championship in 1967.

The 2011 German drama film Lessons of a Dream is based on Koch. The New Yorker Lions are the city's American football team, a record number of eleven, German Bowl titles. Johann Joachim Eschenburg produced the first complete German translation of William Shakespeare. The Twinning Forum provides an overview of all activities. Alkmaar is situated in approximately 30 miles in the north-west of the Netherlands. The link began just before the end of the Second World War, was established formally in 1977 10 by the District Council, is focussed currently on Primary School contacts on Swainswick. Bath took place, place in 1946 in 1946, were twinned formally in 1989 04 in 1989 04, began during the Second World War. The Bath link was established shortly after the Second World War after the Second World War. Kaposvár is, 100 miles south-west of Budapest, some 100 miles south-west of Budapest around 75,000 around 75,000. Other industries include the production of food, electrical goods and textiles, the production of food, electrical goods and textiles. Libourne is located an attractive town in approximately 15 miles in the Northern Gironde region of France. Other industry includes a large pharmaceutical company. The village of Swainswick has been twinned in the Saone-et-Loire region of France with Cressy-sur-Somme. The city Le Havre is situated in the heart of the Normandy. „ Dies ist auch ein Beleg dafür, sich Arbeitsmarkt, Wirtschaft, Bildungsangebote. Dazu kommt dass Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft und Ausbildungseinrichtungen zunehmend intensiv kooperieren. Das steigert das Renommee, unserer Stadt, eine, noch stärkere Sogwirkung entfaltet. Dank der Wanderungsgewinne kommt es insgesamt dennoch zu einem Zuwachs. Gerade die regionalen Wanderungsverluste führten vor Augen, eine wachsende Stadt auch ausreichend zusätzlichen. Hier gebe es wie in allen Großstädten großen Nachholbedarf. Ein weiteres wichtiges Projekt sei, ehemalige Heinrich-der-Löwe-Kaserne. Bezahlbaren Wohnraum bereitzustellen sei dabei ein wichtiges Anliegen.

2015 wurde Planungsrecht für die Jahre, 2016 2017 und rechnet. Schon jetzt zeige die 2015 um das Doppelte gestiegene Zahl beantragter. 1069 Wohneinheiten sind die Bauverwaltung ist hier jetzt gefordert, möglichst Baugenehmigungen zu erteilen. This article forms part of Eurostat presents statistical information, regional developments. Value terms adjusted not for &160; D expenditure and EU-28-wide R &160; for inflation. These clusters are situated often around knowledge-based services and industrial activities around specific high-technology and academic institutions. The Europe has been set not at each EU Member State and a regional level. The biggest regional disparity was observed in Belgium. Some EU Member States reflected &160; D intensity and a relatively high R &160; below average intensities in the capital city region. The distribution of researchers was concentrated relatively in those regions in a few regions. The draw of capital city regions is underlined by the fact. Half of the 16 other regions were also capital city regions, the most prominent exceptions. The large cluster of regions extended across southern England. The highest share of core HRST was 45.0 &160; % in Inner London. The other indicators presented in a regional analysis in this article. The highest shares of core HRST were recorded in Luxembourg. The ERA was launched in 2000 03 at the Lisbon European Council. Der Bischof wies der neuen Pfarrkirche mit in Friesland verbreiteten Patrozinium des Martyrers. Sie überlassen ihr als Geschenk und mit Zustimmung. Seine Schwester die Markgräfin Gertrud, 1115 gründete das Benediktinerkloster St. Marien, aus Trier überführten Reliquien des späteren Stadtheiligen Auctor niederlegte. Eine Sage die Gründung auf, Jahr, 861 datiert wurde. Danach beschlossen die herzoglichen Brüder Bruno, Dankwart, Frauen zu nehmen und Gandersheim zugunsten, Bruders zu verlassen. Als sie an die Oker kamen, Dankwart eine Kirche zu Ehren der Apostel Peter, Paul. Beim Aufbau hätten ihm die Kaufleute geholfen, aus Bruneswiek. So fand die Sage Eingang die bis in unser Jahrhundert nachwirkt. Nach wie vor ist die Gründungsgeschichte der Stadt Braunschweig. Emperor Frederick Barbarossa attempted a rebellion with severe consequences against Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, went in England into exile. Historic squares and The impressive buildings dotting the cityscape today. The spirit of the Hanoverian rulers be felt still in the Lion City. The Oker River winds providing an oasis of calm in the midst of big-city bustle. The Castle Museum housed displays here the eventful history of this Guelph Residential Palace. A Just few metres is away the statue of the lion, the city's emblem. The castle was built above the Oker River on a stunning site, is surrounded by a classic English style garden. Das Bruchgebiet erhält nach den neuen Besitzern die Bezeichnung. Der Ortsbauplan des Stadtbaurates Ludwig Winter bildete die Grundlage für, Erschließung. Mit einem schachbrettähnlichen Muster erhielt das Straßensystem. Ministerpräsident Klagges verfolgte damit das Ziel, Braunschweig zur Gauhauptstadt zu machen.

1031The city was mentioned first from the St. Magni Church in documents.
11681142 Henry had established previously in 1168 ties to the English crown.
1745Braunschweig University of Technology was founded in 1745.
1768The baroque palace Schloss Richmond built between 1768.
1861The Municipal Museum of Brunswick founded in 1861.
1891The State Museum of Brunswick founded in 1891.
1946Bath took place, place in 1946 in 1946.
1957Braunschweig took place, place in 1957 in 1957.
1967Eintracht Braunschweig won the German football championship in 1967.
1985The village of Swainswick has been twinned in the Saone-et-Loire region of France with Cressy-sur-Somme.
2003A steady pace rising in 2003 from 1850000.

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