Botany, New South Wales is a suburb, 11 located kilometres of the Sydney

Botany, New South Wales: Biology, Mycology, Pomology, Paleobotany, Pteridology

The Sir Joseph Banks Hotel was a popular hotel on the shores of Botany Bay. International athletes challenged the locals on the racetrack in the Sir Joseph Banks Handicap. The Sir Joseph Banks Pleasure Gardens were refurbished with local industry contributions. The other historic landmark is St Matthew's Church was built in 1862. A single-track connection joined at the present day Green Square. The line passed then down the entire length of Botany Road to Botany, was double track was cut in 1935 to Military Road.

Mascot led at the site of Sydney Airport to the former Ascot Racecourse. A Generally shuttle service operated between La Perouse and Botany on this single track section. The plant was built in the 1940s, manufactured once paint s, industrial chemicals and plastic s as solvents. Sir Joseph Banks Park comprises the Sir Joseph Banks Pleasure Gardens and Foreshore Reserve. The Pleasure Gardens reflect the history of the area with a zoo playground. A statue of Sir Joseph Banks examining botanical specimens. This increase has been with the redevelopment of industrial areas. The original schoolroom is a small brick building with Gothic influences.

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