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Bordeaux is a port city, the world's major wine industry capital

Bordeaux: Wine, Medoc, Claret, City, Port
Country Name:France
Country Code:FR
Administrative Division:Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Feature Name:Administrative Division
Location:44.83778, -0.57944

Bordeaux lies in the southwest corner of France. 749595 inhabitants is the capital of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region as the prefecture of the Gironde department. Bordeaux wine has been produced since the 8th century in the region. The historic part of the city is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The city fell under Roman rule, was plundered in 732 by the troops of Abd er Rahman, was the also capital of an independent state under the Black Prince under Edward, is built on a bend of the river Garonne.

The city is with some buildings home to 362 monuments historiques, offers also several festivals throughout the year, is connected by the A10 motorway to Paris. The late 6th century re-emerged as the seat of a county, was the golden age of Bordeaux. Aquitaine faced another yet expedition by Charles's sons Pepin. Seguin was appointed count of Bordeaux was made Duke of Vasconia. No bishops were mentioned during part and the whole 8th century. The Fort du Hâ and The Château Trompette built by Charles VII of France. Baron Haussmann used Bordeaux's 18th-century large-scale rebuilding as a model. The end of the Peninsula war sent William Beresford with two divisions. The beginning of the Franco-Prussian war relocated temporarily from Paris to Bordeaux. Italian submarines participated from this base in the Battle of the Atlantic. An average temperature set a record with an average temperature. The vine was introduced by the Romans to the Bordeaux region. An annual production of approximately 960000000 bottles produces large quantities of everyday wine in the world.

White Bordeaux is made from Muscadelle and Sémillon from Sauvignon blanc. This project carried by the French Ministry of Defence. Some 20000 people work in Bordeaux for the aeronautic industry. Globelink.co.uk mentioned Bordeaux in Europe as the best tourist destination. The built-up area was for a long time under English rule, were in an area. 22.01 % followed by the member of Pyrenees-Atlantiques by Jean-Marie Le Pen. None of the other candidates exceeded the 5 % mark reached the 10 % mark. The second round gave Ségolène Royal, 52.44 % for Nicolas Sarkozy against 47.56 %, was well ahead against 31.36 % with 43.73 %, was re-elected against 37.18 % with 62.82 %, had a tidal wave. The abstention rates were 14.52 % in the second round in 15.90 % and the first round. The 2008 partial elections switched to the left, saw the clash between the President and Alain Juppé between mayor of Bordeaux, were in eight constituencies like the previous ones. The first division of the Gironde was well ahead against 25.39 % with 44.81 %.

The defeat of the so-called constituency showed that Bordeaux. The UMP candidate Dominique Baudis voted largely for the UMP candidate Dominique Baudis, gained four seats. The candidate of Europe Ecology José Bové came second with 22.34 %. Virginie Calmels is Deputy Mayor of Bordeaux in Sustainable Growth and Employment in charge of the Economy. The university was created in 1441 by the archbishop Pey Berland. Place designed as landscape by the Royal architect Jacques Ange Gabriel. Saint-André Cathedral consecrated in 1096 by Pope Urban II, are. The Royal Gate is while the rest of the construction from the early 13th century. Église Sainte-Croix lies on the site of a 7th-century abbey. The gothic Basilica of Saint Michael constructed between the end of the 14th century. Basilica of Saint-Seurin was built on the site of a palaeochristian necropolis in the early 6th century, has an 11th-century portico while transept and the apse. La Grosse Cloche remaining second gate of the Medieval walls was the belfry of the old Town Hall.

Europe's longest-span vertical-lift bridge was opened in Bordeaux in 2013. The bridge was named after the late Jacques Chaban-Delmas, was constructed in 2009, has 4 tracks. The shops become progressively more upmarket towards the nearby Cours and Place de la Comédie as one moves. These two bridges are part of the ring road around Bordeaux. All five road bridges including the two highway bridges. Cycle paths exist along the riverfront on the highway bridges. The main railway station has 4 million passengers, a year is served by the TGV by the French national railway's high speed train. The Gare Saint-Jean is the major hub for regional trains. The tram system uses ground-level power supply technology, a new cable-free technology. Conventional overhead cables are used outside the city. The system was controversial for the numerous initial technical problems. Squares and Many streets became pedestrian areas for cars with limited access. The average amount of time people spend commuting in Bordeaux with public transit, wait for public transit at station and a stop. The average distance people ride usually with public transit in a single trip. The 42,000-capacity Nouveau Stade is the largest stadium in Bordeaux. The ground was known formerly until 2001 as the Stade du Parc Lescure. Union Bordeaux Bègles is a rugby team in the Ligue Nationale in the Top 14. The skate-park is maintained very well by the municipality. The Burdigalian Age of the Miocene Epoch is named for Bordeaux. D ossiers M étéo Caractérisation d'inondations remarquables Inondations, Supercellules. Great cellars are filled from the different chateaus of the region with wines. The region takes name in the area from the largest city, is a very large wine region under vine with around 250000 acres. Approximately 850000000 bottles are produced each year. Wine has been grown for a couple of thousand years in Bordeaux. Boats filled with the English word with barrels of Claret. Each month features hand and a different small family winery, was the Bordelaise.

The direction of the Emperor Napoleon drew up a classification of the best Chateaus. A complete listing of the 1855 classification be found at the end of this article. Other wines and grace listed have fallen from other wines and grace. The red wines come from five different grapes, are for Semillon grape and the most part Sauvignon Blanc.

1096Saint-André Cathedral consecrated in 1096 by Pope Urban II.
1441The university was created in 1441 by the archbishop Pey Berland.
1759The watch is from 1759.
1855Haut Brion was established already well by 1855.
2001The ground was known formerly until 2001 as the Stade du Parc Lescure.
2002RPR was renamed in 2002 to UMP.
2009The bridge was constructed in 2009.
2010The old station was converted later in 2010.
2013Europe's longest-span vertical-lift bridge was opened in Bordeaux in 2013.
2015The stadium was opened in 2015.

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