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Bochum is a city, a part of the Rhine-Ruhr

Country Name:Germany
Country Code:DE
Administrative Division:North Rhine-Westphalia
Feature Name:City
Location:51.48165, 7.21648

The highest point of the city is in Stiepel at Kemnader Straße. Steeper graduation be found near the Berghofer Holz nature reserve at the Harpener Hellweg. The geological strata be visited at the Geological Gardens in the former quarry of Klosterbusch. The urban area is divided in the Emscher catchment and the south into the river Ruhr catchment. The industrial developments were leading between the two river catchments. Today is discharged via the Hüller Bach, are internet companies and small offices.

The ecological restoration of the Emscher tributaries initiated by the Emschergenossenschaft. Count Engelbert II von der Marck granted Bochum, a town charter. Additional population gains came from Poland from immigration. The postwar period began developing as a cultural centre of the Ruhr area. The Ruhr University was opened the first modern university in the Ruhr area. The first Jews were deported to many Jewish institutions and Nazi concentration camps. The Ruhr region was an area of high residential density. The town centre of Bochum was a strategic target during the Oil Campaign. 150 air raids were dropped on Gelsenkirchen and Bochum. The Lueg Company was designed by the architect Emil Pohle, suffered a fire in 1944 during a bombing raid. The seven-theatre Bochum Union Cinema rents the ground floor. Mutter Wittig is a baroque-style building in the town centre. Sparkasse Bochum is a town landmark opened in 1928, was damaged heavily during the war. The Schlegel Tower is remaining only structure of the once-important Schlegel brewery.

The Jahrhunderthalle is power station and the former gas. Blankenstein Castle was built by Count Adolf I of the Mark in the 13th century. Parts of the castle were built during baroque periods and the Renaissance. The castle's location remained till 1921 in private hands, is a timber-framed farmhouse from 1800. Pauluskirche is the main Protestant church of the city. Countess Imma von Stiepel was built by Countess Imma von Stiepel. The façade shows a overall variation on the Solomon's Seal. The Ruhr University Botanical Gardens has thousands of plants. The nearly park is the site of an old coal mine, the Zeche Friederika. The property came under a decade and environmental protection. The Bermudadreieck functions as the town's nightlife hub. ER MindArts Contemporary Art was established in 2014 in Bochum. Ulrich Rückriem's sculpture is at the intersection of Kortumstrasse. The bell serves as a reminder of the improvement, was built for the Paris World's Fair in 1867. Strict guidelines were during the Nazi dictatorship in effect.

Addition has a ring road serves around central Bochum as a three-quarter loop. Ruhr University Bochum is served also by an expressway. Most main roads are multi-lane roads with traffic lights. Local service is supplied mainly by a joint venture by BOGESTRA. Public transport is priced according to the fare system of the VRR transport association. The closest airports are Essen ülheim Airport, Düsseldorf Airport and Dortmund Airport. Mark Warnecke won the world title at the age of 35 Overview. Karl-Heinz von Liebezeit attended drama school and grammar school. Ein krebserregendes Wirkungspotential von PFT kann jedoch zur Zeit nicht.

1517The 11th century was damaged severely in 1517 by fire.
1800The castle's location is a timber-framed farmhouse from 1800.
1867The bell was built for the Paris World's Fair in 1867.
1868The neo-Gothic Marienkirche built between 1868.
1921The castle's location remained till 1921 in private hands.
1924The Friedrich Lueg Haus was built in 1924.
1928Sparkasse Bochum opened in 1928.
1944The Lueg Company suffered a fire in 1944 during a bombing raid.
2014ER MindArts Contemporary Art was established in 2014 in Bochum.

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