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Blighty is used commonly by the expatriate British community as a term of endearment

Blighty: England, England

Folksinger Ian Robb's album features a topical parody of the traditional song. The war did make not way into colloquial English into mainstream. Examples are found from the early 19th Century in English. A number of words borrowed by the British military from Indian languages. Zeppelins gave also in a cloud rise to the colourful phrase Zepps. German propaganda modified jocularly as in this 1915 example by English-speakers. The word strafe entered then the English language is properly Arabic Wildyat.

Another productive area of slang was words for the enemy. General public and The press used often much more derogatory terms during especially Kraut during the war. The OED is running a special set of appeals for WW1 words. Homesickness do funny things to people, create fierce patriotism. Some use took really off during the long years of trench warfare.

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