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Blackfriars, Oxford is home

Blackfriars offers preparing for the Baccalaureate for the Catholic priesthood. Aidan Nichols Visiting Lecturer at the University of Oxford Fellows. The wider Salamanca School and Vitoria OP made striking contributions to the emergence of international law. Dominicans today have NGO status at the United Nations, are also at the forefront of inter-faith conversation. Interdisciplinary contributes to rsquo and Blackfriars. The Las Casas Institute be offering also the first service. Last academic year Blackfriars worked in North West and the South East with over a thousand sixth formers.

This year be complemented for the best inter-faith community service project by a new Blackfriars Prize. Mr Davis be advising the Secretary of State around faith on policy. The Department is the lead department of state across government on faith communities and faith. Lecturers and Most recently Dominican students have come from America to Oxford.

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